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Feeling demoralised DS1 had D and V and now won't eat lumpy food, am so fed up!

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Jen1978 Fri 01-Aug-08 20:38:01

hi all
DS1 is 15 momths and has just recovered from severe D and V resulting in him being in hosp on a drip for dehyrdation. Since tuesday when he came home I have been trying to give him bland food, little and often e.g. toast, also HV suggested hipp organic stage 1 banana and rice as it would be good part of (BRAT diet). Have also tried scrambled eggs but he wouldn't touch it (previously loved them), he has eaten fish fingers and also cheese scone today.
Now that eh is getting better we can reintroduce dairy foods etc, but am face with a complete nightmare. He won't eat lumpy food e.g. pasta and sauce (homemade, previously loved it) or any other food off a spoon unless it is basically puree like the bloody jar food I have given him this week (have never used jars before). He eats finger foods find, but won't eat his normal food that he usually eats, just spits it out!

I am heartbroken that my normally non-fussy toddler has turned into a nightmare. DH ended up purreing up the pasta tonight in order to get him to eat it, but even then it was a truama. I was adament that we should not force feed him and should let him go without because I don't want to set a precidence by giving in, but we have to give him something soft for pudding (normally yoghurt) ebcause he has medication dissolved in it for reflux, so we had to give him some apple puree tonight after his refusal to eat the pasta.

I am at a complete loss as to know what to do for the best. SHould we not give in? Should we gradually introduce lumpy food again? Should we stick to finger foods and hope he forgets about the jarred puree stuff in a few days? Will he ever get back to eating properly?


lazaroulovesleggings Fri 01-Aug-08 20:42:03

What will he eat? I know the trauma, ds2 was like this for ages. He's fine now though. It does pass.

Jen1978 Fri 01-Aug-08 20:46:55

He normally eats pretyy much anything, favourites being pasta and sauce type dishes, scrambled egg and strawberries!

At the moment he will eat: cheese scone, toast, fish fingers, pureed fruit. Not given him much else this week because of his tummy and having to stop all dairy - but we can introduce this slowly now so he can have yoghurt and things which I presume he will be ok with because it is smooth. Havn't given him much else really.

lazaroulovesleggings Fri 01-Aug-08 20:53:36

I would just give hm what he will eat for now to get his strength back up. Ds2 used to vomit when we gave him lumpy food. I thought we would be liquidising his food forever!

calsworld Fri 01-Aug-08 20:54:43

Jen, my DS has had bad long bouts of D&V many times, though we have managed to keep him out of hospital although it has come close.

Every time he always does exactly what your DS is - goes off anything that has lumps in and I think its because of the feeling of chucking lumps up - it always distresses him no matter how calm I am.

Each time I have just gone back to basics, if he wants puree, I've let him have it, each time he just builds back up to where we are as he learns that he's not going to be sick everytime he eats.

It can be quite scary for LO's, I think (being sick that is - I hate it so why wouldn't he?) so I wouldn't force any issues and just work through it, whilst gently and gradually introducing him to the foods he used to eat. Its not like he'll be like this for ever, HTH and hope he's back to his normal self really soon!

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