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Can you barbecue squid?

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PeaMcLean Fri 01-Aug-08 14:01:25

Got squid.

Got barbecue.

Kebab type things?

Will that work?

Hassled Fri 01-Aug-08 14:06:31

I don't see why not except that squid cooks so quickly you'd really only want to show it the barbeque, IYSWIM. Overcooked squid is like chewing a rubber. You could stick some big prawns or chunks of cod on the sticks as well maybe - brush with a bit of oil and Bob's Your Uncle (or not).

PeaMcLean Fri 01-Aug-08 17:05:24

Thanks. So, 5 minutes? Or might that be too long? Wonder how you tell how it's cooked.

Just a bit of parsley and lemon with it perhaps??? anything else?

moondog Fri 01-Aug-08 17:08:01

God yes.Not kebabs though.
Cut criss cross pattern into it, not quite all the way through. Marinate in lemon, garlic and olive oil. Throw an barbie when really hot (ie. coals glowing/white but no flame) for 60 secs or so. Fab.

How was your swim btw?

PeaMcLean Fri 01-Aug-08 17:10:05

Didn't go swimming sadly. Just whined on other thread about that. blush

Criss cross marinadey idea sounds good. Am off to do that now.

PeaMcLean Fri 01-Aug-08 19:10:24

It was deeelicious! Yummy smokey garlicky fishy squid.


DH and DS didn't like it, but I did!

moondog Sat 02-Aug-08 18:19:15

Next time, bbq mussels too. They are divine.

PeaMcLean Sat 02-Aug-08 18:32:06

Nah. Crustaceons (sp?) are fine. I don't eat molluscs. They're just slugs in shells. grin

moondog Sat 02-Aug-08 18:41:43

Get on with you!

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