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Does this sound like a weird packed lunch to you?

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marialuisa Thu 10-Feb-05 10:51:00

DD (nearly 4) has gone back to having packed lunches as she has finally decided that bread isn't the food of the devil. She came home quite bothered yesterday as 3 of the nursery staff apparently stood round debating the "weird" contents of her lunchbox. She then told us that they do this most days.

So, do you think the following is worthy of comment?

Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich on brown bread

Little tub with cherry toms, carrot, red pepper celery and kosher sausage


yoghurt drink


(BTW: this also contains her after school snack, she picks what she wants to keep for later)

suzywong Thu 10-Feb-05 10:53:07

sounds very worthy
maybe they were debating the juxtaposition of cream cheese and yoghurt in the same meal as meat?

I would be shouting from the roof tops with glee if my same age ds1 ate anything like that variety of fresh food, hats off to you

WideWebWitch Thu 10-Feb-05 10:53:15

I think it's a fab lunch box. I expect they think it's 'weird' because the average child has
white bread sandwiches
fizzy or crap drink

So my son tells me anyway. He has brown bread peanut butter sandwiches, apple, satsuma, banana, pistachos/cashews, yoghurts, and organic chocolate today because I wondered if I was being mean about it.

WideWebWitch Thu 10-Feb-05 10:54:03

But he won't be getting the chocolate tomorrow if he doesn't eat his fruit, that's the deal. Good for you ML, tell her it's NOT weird, we're impressed!

winnie Thu 10-Feb-05 10:54:48

Sounds lovely not weird

joash Thu 10-Feb-05 10:55:25

SOunds great to me - but then me kids never went for the crisp, sweet and choccy lunch anyway.

joash Thu 10-Feb-05 10:55:39

me ...MY

raisin Thu 10-Feb-05 10:55:43

Lunchbox sounds great. Have a word with those nursery staff - they sound weird!

Kayleigh Thu 10-Feb-05 10:56:36

sounds very much like what my ds1 has for lunch. Not wierd at all.

Lonelymum Thu 10-Feb-05 10:56:49

I think the "problem" lies in the fact that it is quite a sophisticated diet - well smoked salmon is. I gave my kids taramasalata once and you should have heard the comments I got! Doesn't stop me still giving it to them occasionally as a treat.

snafu Thu 10-Feb-05 10:57:06

Think it sounds like a great lunch. What would the nursery staff consider less 'weird', then I wonder?

marialuisa Thu 10-Feb-05 11:08:29

Oh no, it was defo that they thought it "weird". DD had to explain to them what the smoked salmon was. Don't why I'm so irritated about this, perhaps because the thought of 3 teachers discussing the strangeness of DD's lunch in front of her and the other kids seems so tactless? We've had genuine questions about the food she eats before (the school cook wanted to know what cous-cous and anchovies were) but this just struck me as mean, somehow!

And for the record DD does get to eat crap at times, but when it suits me (i.e. mummy and daddy are hungover on sunday lunch time) but it's for a treat. Anyway, have you seen the price of Dairylea lunchabls?

roisin Thu 10-Feb-05 11:09:53

Has she been upset by this Marialuisa? Has she commented on what other children have in their lunchboxes?

bundle Thu 10-Feb-05 11:12:08

sounds really yummy

batters Thu 10-Feb-05 11:14:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Thu 10-Feb-05 11:16:09

my girls' nursery provides lunch - but they often did tastings of different fruits etc and loved the variety.

marialuisa Thu 10-Feb-05 11:22:31

She was definitely bothered by the comments, esp the use of "weird". She's mentioned that other children have cheese string type things but never asked for them, she actually chooses what she wants in her lunchbox herself so it's not us "forcing" her to take whatever's left in the bottom of the fridge.

Batters-you're spot on about the singled out thing, esp as I had real issues with food as a kid and am really pleased that DD has fallen into eating a wide variety of fodds without question.

I'm probably getting too het up about this because I'm pre-menstrual and spoiling for a fight! DH has jsut taken it as an example of the somewhat limited horizins of the staff. Oh well, she's leaving at the end of term.

Beetroot Thu 10-Feb-05 11:23:09

Message withdrawn

Gwenick Thu 10-Feb-05 11:23:40

mmm - sounds yummy - can I have one too please

Perhaps they find it 'wierd' because most of the other children have lunchboxes full of cr*p???

ThomCat Thu 10-Feb-05 11:26:33

I thought I'd posted this but can't find it now.
I think that's awful of the teachers, how rude and irresponsible. i'd have a word with them.

Cam Thu 10-Feb-05 11:40:15

I want that lunch NOW marialuisa, its just the type of food I give dd all the time. I think its rather sad that the nursery staff don't know what smoked salmon is - but then I've had supermarket checkout staff ask me what an avocado is

anorak Thu 10-Feb-05 12:11:07

Thomcat is right, it's rude and irresponsible. They should be praising your healthy choices and encouraging the other children to follow suit. I can't imagine what they were thinking of to say such things.

wordsmith Thu 10-Feb-05 12:16:14

Mmmm please could you come round and do my lunch. I think it's great that you're encouraging healthy eating. My DS1 has pittas filled with tuna mayo, a banana, couple of cocktail sauages and squeezy fromage frais. PLus a drink of dilute ribena. He's not very adventurous but a lot more so than many other kids I know. BTW he does eat chicken nuggets but I refuse to do Wotsits, cheese strings and the like. I give him a few hula hoops but he's not really into crisp type snacks. Loves choc though.

wordsmith Thu 10-Feb-05 12:17:03

Sorry that isn't all squeezed into his pittas, just the tuna mayo

blueteddy Thu 10-Feb-05 12:20:32

Sounds very healthy to me!
I wish my ds was adventerous enough to eat that kind of food!

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