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food for 1st birthday party-urgent

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hazlinh Thu 10-Feb-05 03:17:42

dd is one tomorrow. am planning to have chicken and beef satay for the adults (takeaway of course, I'm no gourmet chef) , but am stuck for other ideas. Is sushi takeout a bad idea, ie would it go bad if sat on the table for a couple of hours?

Also since there's going to be a mix of kids, from about 4mths old to 9years old, what sort of food should i have for them? have never entertained for both adults AND children before. Help!

pinkwhistle Thu 10-Feb-05 06:35:40

hi hazlinh - nothing like last minute preparation!

How about gingerbread, some sort of slice, apricot balls, little pasties or quiches, slices of fruit, cheese biscuits, mini pizza. The older kids will be expecting things like crisps and so on, but it's up to you! And a birthday cake of course.

Not sure about the sushi...anyone? But as a mum of a child with a peanut allergy I would be careful of having satay at the party unless you are certain none of the kids are allergic to peanuts. Sorry . What about a pasta dish or curry and rice?

hazlinh Thu 10-Feb-05 07:28:16

i know, its so embarassing. did have notion of planning a fantastic bash since first birthday and all but dh keeps saying whats the rush, its a long time away, and whoops its here. geez. luckily have ordered a nice winnie the pooh cake (i dont even bake ok) and bought little party things and loot bags for the kids.any more??!!!helpp

NotQuiteCockney Thu 10-Feb-05 07:34:10

Humous and other dips, with breadsticks for the little ones and nacho chips (plain) for the big ones? Litle filo pastry things with cheese etc in them?

nailpolish Thu 10-Feb-05 07:36:39

you can never go wrong with pizza and sausage rolls. mini pizza or huge ones cut into slices.

even sandwiches! lots of supermarkets do mini things - get yourself down to asda or if you are feeling flush markies.

enjoy the party!

pinkwhistle Sun 13-Feb-05 03:13:25

How did it go???

Forgot to mention too - happy birthday to your dd!

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:19:14

Message withdrawn

suzywong Sun 13-Feb-05 08:19:51

good morning coddy

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:24:31

Message withdrawn

suzywong Sun 13-Feb-05 08:26:09

they never ever do
they have a kid's party dish over here called Fairy Bread which is buttered white sliced with a firm crust of hundreds and thousands <shudder.

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:28:05

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:28:23

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:28:57

Message withdrawn

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:29:36

Message withdrawn

bathmummy Sun 13-Feb-05 08:34:15

spot on cod - I was left with so many baby tomatoes, carrot and cucmber sticks and DH legged it to the local shop for another big bag of crisps as they were starting to fight over the one small bowl I had put out. Have learnt my lesson for next time - mostly junk food that isn’t likely to stain anything, mainly sweet stuff, stick to lemonade rather than cherryade if you care about your furnishings, loads of crisps and NOT chocolate birthday cake if you have cream cushions....
Oh and plenty of nice nibbles for the mums on the side.
I wasted my time making pretty little natural fruit jellies in fruit wedges with rice paper sails and butterfly shaped sandwiches - never ever again. All they wanted were crisps, choc rolls, smarties, icing off top of fairy cakes (found numerous naked fairy cakes all over my house) and jelly worms

Cod Sun 13-Feb-05 08:44:33

Message withdrawn

suzywong Sun 13-Feb-05 08:49:51

it's the truth
when I was catering I never got orders for kids' party food although it was one of the services I pushed as I wanted a reason to make the aforementioned jelly boats.

Walkers and Nestle have the market sewn up

hazlinh Mon 14-Feb-05 08:51:23

hi all went well, altho i was still out and about rushing to get the food at 3.30pm and the guests were supposed to arrive at 4pm!!luckily they were all late!
had some satay for the adults (not the little kids), a little sushi, slices of fruit, loads and loads of brownies, oreo cookies, and some jelly boats I hurriedly prepared in the morning (see, even a kitchen klutz like me can make em) BUT my saving grace was ahem....mumble mumble kentucky fried chicken!!!cough gasp shame. they all lapped it up like there was no tomorrow!! oh and CRISPS of course. siigh. There was LOADS of fruit leftover. shock horror!!the birthday girl herself didn't eat a thing, i think she was too excited with all the people and the 'circus' that was going on...finally it all got a bit too much for her at about 8pm (everyone left at 7pm but it felt like they'd been there the whole day!!) and went out like a light.(after much kicking and fussing)

am still finding bits of fried chicken skin on the flooor tho....and why is my kitchen floor still sticky after i've mopped it 3 times??!!!

Cod Mon 14-Feb-05 14:14:00

Message withdrawn

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