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Any Cupcake Experts Out There???

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OllieWollieWoo Wed 30-Jul-08 21:28:04

I keep attempting to make cupcakes but mine always seem to end up like little mountains eg peaks in the middle - so when I try and put glace icing on, it just slides off and looks a mess! Butter icing just seems to exaggerate the peaks!

Does anyone know where I am going wrong - or do all you cupcake gurus just slice the peaks off before icing???

LynetteScavo Wed 30-Jul-08 21:29:52

Are you using a victoria sponge recepie - I find they tend to rise too much. You need a denser sponge recipe, possibly with plain flour.

HolidaysQueen Thu 31-Jul-08 16:42:51

i'd just slice the peaks off and either eat them (you deserve something after doing the baking!) or freeze them so you can use them for trifles, turamisu and other things that need sponge.

meridian Fri 01-Aug-08 13:49:20

I prefer them to be peaked but have been known to slice them off, and use the tops and any un iced cupcakes to make quick tiramisu for the grown ups grin

OllieWollieWoo Sun 03-Aug-08 12:08:13

Success - tried a different recipie with fab results - heavier mixture and lower oven temperature than the one I was using. Result - lovely flatísh moist cupcakes! Would def recommend the Cupcake book by Sue McMahon! DH and DS have now scoffed nearly all that I made so off now to hide whats left!

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