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french bread pizza on part bake bagguettes help!!!

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mellyonion Tue 29-Jul-08 11:59:33

hi. stupid question, but i have part bake baguettes to make pizzas with the kids i bake them first, and just heat the topping under the grill, or do i make the pizzas out of the unbaked bread and then bake the whole lot?????

tibni Tue 29-Jul-08 12:04:06

I find pizzas better using the part baked french bread than the proper individual bases. They do not go as crunchy which is better for my dcs.

I just put topping on and bake in oven for about 15mins. No pre cooking required.

Enjoy your pizza.

mellyonion Tue 29-Jul-08 12:06:17

fab. thanks so much!

the kids are champing at the bit here to get making! smile

tibni Tue 29-Jul-08 22:34:01

Did they turn out delicious?

mellyonion Wed 30-Jul-08 09:29:04

thanks for asking. do you know what??? they were LUSH! grin

the kids were really pleased...kept them amused for a while making them.

i must have cut one of the baguettes a bit wonky though, because one of the pizzas had all the toppings sliding off it at one point!! oops!!

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