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cooked chicken scares me!!

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bonnyb1 Mon 28-Jul-08 17:30:26

Hi pls help an anxious vegetarian who doesn't want to poison the family!
I cooked a chilled chicken for sun dinner yesterday, today I have stripped the chicken and put it with some pasta and a sauce. Theres loads of this left, can I freeze this?
Also i've got some extra chicken left what can I do with it?
Trying to be thrifty and healthy for the kids, but can't help thinking of salmonella etc.

wheresthehamster Mon 28-Jul-08 17:44:16

I wouldn't but then I am ultra-careful with chicken.

Do you remember what it said on the wrapper?
If it said previously frozen or do not re-freeze then you have your answer anyway.

Maybe someone more adventurous will disagree grin

misdee Mon 28-Jul-08 17:45:57

was it [previously cooked? or raw when you cooked it yesterday.

if raw yesterday, as long as the boits left today havent been reheated, then may be ok for tomororw for lunches.

bonnyb1 Mon 28-Jul-08 17:49:54

it was raw yesterday - my dh will def eat the leftover cold chicken in his sarnies tomorrow but I'm not too worried about him, he hs the constitution of an ox. Think I better bin the leftover pasta though.........

misdee Mon 28-Jul-08 17:51:06

can he eat the pasta cold, or is it a best eaten hot dish?

once chicken has been rehated the once, then you cant re-0heat it again, so yes to binning if cant be eaten cold.

sandy4 Mon 28-Jul-08 17:55:40

I go by the 'if it smells OK, eat it' rule. works with most things apart from hummous, that's not good to eat if it fizzes.

bonnyb1 Mon 28-Jul-08 18:14:16

well he's just come in from work and demolished most of the pasta meal anyway, so I'll just bin the rest.
Like your rule Sandy4, mine is generally 'if it's alcoholic, drink it' wink

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