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Very food fussy 5 yr old - Any advice?

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MummyJules Sun 27-Jul-08 22:34:26

So this summer my target is to get my daughter to eat better and for us to actually share some meals together!
It makes me really upset that food is such an issue for her. She started off well and had a really good range of foods when she was weaning, all home-made and quite unusual things however she got very ill at the same time as the 'fussy eating' stage came about and completely regressed. Her diet now consists of:

Wholemeal Bread
Chicken (if in breadcrumbs)
Cucumber, Banana's and Apple juice in a carton.

I'd really like her to eat more fruit, veg and start having meals such as pork chops, roast chicken, etc.

I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this and any helpful advice/ideas?

We've talked about some of the things we are going to try such as multi-coloured chips (roasted veg to me and you), cloud fluff (mashed potato), peas and such but I know when it comes to it, it will probably be more of an issue than she makes out!
I'm a single parent who works and studies and therefore I find it difficult to find the time to dedicate to spending 2 hours in the evening for tea, however I have more time over the summer so would like to give it my best shot.

Thanks in advance


dinkystinky Mon 28-Jul-08 10:14:22

How about incorporating vegetables into her pasta sauce - always a winner with my son. Or get her to help you start making smoothies (invest in a smoothie maker and she can help prepare the fruit and put it in) - as she's 5 if she's involved in making her tea, she'll probably be a little bit more interested in trying it.

You could also try incorporating some veg onto pizzas (ensure there's always an element of something she knows/likes in the meal so she wont go hungry).

piratecat Mon 28-Jul-08 10:25:46

hiya mummy jules, your dd sounds just like mine in her non varied diet.

My dd is 6, and has always been this way, she is very sensitive to EVERYTHING, textures, taste, loud noises.

hereis what my dd will eat.

mashed potato (on occasion)
veggie sausages (only one type)
potatoe waffles
baked beans
grapes (only inthe last 3 months)
white rolls/bread/pitta

Her fussyness is something i just try to ignore now, as it just causes too much upset. She has as of yesterday decided she wants tuna again(after 4months abstinenece), and this was something she used to eat at least once a day. I am a lone parent too, and all the other things we have to worry about, seem to heap on to me at times. So idecided that surely she would naturally 'get there' when it come to expanding her palate.

I have no ansers, and i think it's always good to have a try at introducing new foods. I nkow that maybe my dd will surprise me and sometimes say ok i wil try it. Sometimes she will initially say 'yuck' and a few seconds later say 'oh actaully this is nice mummy'THEN i will say would you like soem more and she says 'no thanks'!!

The soemtimes she will say ooh i like it, then change her mind.
I just say 'ok' well, well done for tryign it, cos yu just never know'.

maidamess Mon 28-Jul-08 10:29:08

I think your dd's diet sounds ok! I know you want to expand her tastes but what she is eating is varied and wholesome.

My boys eat virtually exactly what you have stated, everyday of their lives.

I do sometimes try to put new food out..I say "its there if you want to try it" Sometimes they do, sometimes not.

If she eats fish, pizza and pasta she likes those flavours .so fish baked in a pasta style sauce?

AbbeyA Mon 28-Jul-08 10:30:40

Dinkystinky's suggestion is a good start-I am a master of disguise!
I would involve her in the preparation. If you have a pick your own place (we have one that does just about everything in the fruit veg line) take her to pick some and help her prepare it e.g. if she won't eat strawberries whizz them up with milk and make a smoothy-getting a long glass and straws might help.
Get her cooking -you could have fun rolling pastry cut out little tartlets and when cooked put some fruit in them.
Go to the library together and get a cookbook for kids-ask her which she wants to try.

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