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Sweet Pink Champagne?

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juneybean Sun 27-Jul-08 19:01:05

I was at a wedding yesterday and as I was with the girl doing the make up I was sat up in the brides room as they were getting ready and they popped open a bottle of pink champagne/sparkling wine.

It was sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Does anyone know what it could be? I didn't get a glance at the bottle!

bubblagirl Sun 27-Jul-08 19:20:54

we had one also at wedding i forget the name too but my dp may know will ask him and let you know it was very lovely

Tinkjon Sun 27-Jul-08 22:08:46

There are several things it could be - unless you're a wine connoisseur I'd say that anything pink and sparkly without the words 'brut' or 'demi-sec' is likely to taste the same.

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