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question for menu planners

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mimsum Sat 26-Jul-08 19:12:18

I'm in the process of drawing up a 2 or 3 week menu planner and have asked the kids to tell me their top 5 teas. I'm a bit stumped on something - how do you all deal with the invariable complaints of "but you know I don't like mushrooms" etc - do you try to make sure that everyone likes everything - or do you try to balance it out - or do your kids like everything hmm

and while we're on the subject if anyone has any stonking veggie recipes which don't involve mushrooms or courgettes (god knows why as I love them) and aren't sloppy (ds1 asperger's and can't stand sloppy food) I'd be very grateful

blueshoes Sat 26-Jul-08 19:36:28

Minmsum, I know there will be people who disagree on the basis that I am pandering, but I make simplified versions of dishes for my children minus the ingredients I know they won't eat.

For example, if my pasta involves mushrooms, then I would cook everything into the sauce, decant a small portion for my dcs, then put in the mushrooms for the rest of the family. Or if if dd does not want any green in her food (yes, she is picky), then I will pick it out of her plate.

And if they still don't want it, they can refuse and eat plain rice, pasta or a simple sandwich instead.

Over the course of a week, I am sure she does get a balanced meal. But I can never be sure what she will eat for a specific meal ie what is meat one day is poison the next. So I am used to fussy eating.

lucysmam Sat 26-Jul-08 20:19:15

i personally just chuck it all in and if there's something in there that my lo doesn't like (like mushrooms at the mo) pick them out when tea is dished up. or blueshoes has a good idea cooking up a pasta sauce with what you know they will eat in it and decanting an amount for them before adding what you know they dont like or wont eat. but you never know, if its there on the plate they may try it, and if not it can be picked out without too much fussing

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