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You know how some people dislike "foreign food"...

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pastamental Sat 26-Jul-08 02:08:39

Just returned from visiting DHs family in Italy, where we met many cute new additions to the pastamental clan.
Their modern and busy parents often use prepared baby food, such as
(Google will translate)

And there it was, in a bowl, amongst more familiar baby dinners. This jar of pureed meat feast (low in fat, high in iron, mind) was in full view of eldest teenage DD (she knows just enough italian to identify it!). She would have had a fit if she had spotted it, and vehemently condemn all Italians as barbarian butchers, before making a tearful and flouncing exit...

However, DH managed to palm it before DD saw it...and then threatened to bring it back home with him (as a joke - I think).

Still, don't knock it till you've tried it (not bad as a steak, actually).

So we managed to ride that one out ok.

What other instances of unusual local fare for young'uns is out there?

(If you can't wait to Google: cavallo as in cavalry animal...)

Califrau Sat 26-Jul-08 03:05:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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