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DS is driving me nuts - Chapter 2 (Long)

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gscrym Fri 25-Jul-08 15:39:48

Well I've cut out all treats, he only gets juice or milk with meals and water at all other times. His eating is still rubbish.

I've tried picnics. We sat at a bench for 1.5hrs with a ham sandwich and a carton of orange. He was even told that if he didn't finish, we'd just go home. When he gets food, he chats and honestly just wastes time. He argues and generally gets my back up.

Yesterday was hal a slice of toast and milk for breakfast. Half a fish finger and a cup of milk for lunch. As we had to go pick his dad up and got stuck in traffic, I took him to KFC and he ate almost 1 chicken strip and about 4 chips. I hadn't given him anything else. He asked for sweets and was told no. If he asks between meals, he gets the option of a banana or nothing.

Today, I gave him his sandwiches and milk and left him to it. I told him that if he finished quickly (in half an hour or so), we'd go play frisbee golf. After ignoring the sarnies for 2 hours, the dog ate them. He's been told he's not going out or going swimming later as a punishment.

It feels like a constant battle of wills. I can see us not doing much on our summer hols if it doesn't improve. I've tried rewarding him but he has no interest.

gscrym Fri 25-Jul-08 15:41:13

He still asks between meals 'what can I have to eat', even though at lunch he says he's not hungry. I've given him nothing between meals.

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