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chicken risotto recipe please

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jimblejambles Fri 25-Jul-08 11:21:50

Ds1 has just informed me this is his favourite meal and as he not eating much at the moment I want to make it.
So please can someone give me a nice easy recipe?
thank you smile

MrsBadger Fri 25-Jul-08 11:28:09

my favourite easy risotto recipe

substitute leftover roast chicken for the bacon (don't bother to fry it first, add it after the onions are done) and/or frozen peas for the tomatoes
will need black pepper and possibly a squeeze of lemon before serving - taste and see

dd (11m) loves it smile

jumpyjan Fri 25-Jul-08 11:29:11

Just chop some chicken up into little pieces and fry in a pan with a little olive oil and perhaps a bit of shallot/onion and garlic. Once it has browned a bit add rissotto rice and fry for a minute of two. Then pour in chicken stock (not all in one go - pour some in - when liquid has gone add more and keep doing that till all stock used up). Should take about 25 mins for rice to cook and all stock to be absorbed. You can throw in other things at the stock stage - red pepper, peas - whatever you fancy.

Its v easy.

Moomin Fri 25-Jul-08 11:31:33

Fry up onions and garlic (I like mushrooms too at this point but you don't have to).

Add arborio rice at this point (look on packet for amounts - I just bung in a handful for each person and one for luck). Gently fry for little while then start adding chicken stock little by little (as in a glug, then stir lots, then a glug more, stir lots more, etc). Keep adding stock over next 20-30 mins and do lots of stirring to make the rice creamy. You can also add white wine at this point if you like it, in addition to the stock. When rice looks almost done (still a bit hard to bite) and consistency is still quite sloppy, add chicken (already cooked and chopeed into small strips, or lightly browned in separate pan). Cook for 10 more mins, makig sure consistency is still fairly sloppy until chicken is cooked. Season at this point and you can also add parmesan or a bit of cream or even cream cheese to taste (not very haute cuisine but my dds love it).

I also add spinach towards the end sometimes - goes well with chicken. Depends how your ds would react to a flecky green rissotto but it does taste yummy.

witchandchips Fri 25-Jul-08 11:36:25

you will need chicken stock + cooked chicken thus often based to use the left overs from a roast to make this but if you are making it from scratch then
cook your chicken pieces (a small thigh should be plenty for a small boy)) by
a) roasting them in a pan - gets tastier chicken but no stock so will need to use stock cubes
b) boil them for 30 mins or so with some carrots, onion, herbs + celery. Take off heat and leave to cool in water, this stops the chicken drying out.

To make the risotto:
gently fry a small bit of onion for 15 mins until soft + transulent. Add the rice (about 50g for toddler, 100g for adult), turn up the heat and cook till rice starts going see through at the edges. Add a glass of wine/sherry/vermouth and cook till liquid has evapourated. Then turn heat down slightly and add a ladle full of stock, stir frequently only adding more stock when liquid has disolved. Meanwhile break up chicken pieces, grate some parmesan + chop some parsely. When the rice is almost (but not quite) cooked add the chicken together with the final bit of stock. Just before taking off heat stir in a knob of butter, the parmesan + parsley. Season + serve

witchandchips Fri 25-Jul-08 11:38:02

blush forgot to say stock should be hot (almost boiling) when cooking the risotto. The rice should take between 15-20 mins to cook

jimblejambles Fri 25-Jul-08 11:41:49

Thank you all very much, my son is going to be very happy. Just off to tesco to get the rice smile

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