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Can I freeze cupcakes with buttercream icing?

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twelveyeargap Fri 25-Jul-08 10:43:22

DH has gone off to work without the blinking cupcakes I made for him and his colleagues. As it's Friday, and I don't think I should eat 10 cupcakes over the weekend, do you think they'll freeze ok?

Could I take them out of the freezer on Sunday night and get him to take them Monday instead?


MrsBadger Fri 25-Jul-08 10:55:44

you can, but if it's only till Mon they should be ok in an airtight tupperware (in the fridge if it's as hot there as it is here)

twelveyeargap Fri 25-Jul-08 11:14:04

Righto. Will sellotape the lid of their tin, and stick in the fridge. Many thanks!

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