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You know I think that taste in bread differs from person to person - whenever I've followed mn tips for fabulous bread it always fails.

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wannaBe Thu 24-Jul-08 10:28:30

I follow the recipe in the breadmaker book to the letter. although only do dough cycle and then bake in loaf tin. And the bread is always fabulous.

But recently read tips on another breadmaker thread about how to get extra fabulous bread:

don't put in milk. So I didn't. loaf came out like a brick and didn't rise properly
use warm water. Loaf didn't rise properly and came out like a brick.

So I have come to the conclusion that some people like risen loaves and others prefer bricks. grin

Cies Thu 24-Jul-08 12:25:49

I'm sure you're right. Also, wouldn't it depend on the bread maker?

For what it's worth, I knead my bread in a kenwood mixer and always use warm water, let it rise a little in the bowl (like 2 hours), knock it down, let it rise again in the tins (like 4 hours), then bake. No complaints in this house!

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