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where can i buy wonton wrappers ?

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pellmell Thu 24-Jul-08 08:31:33

does anyone buy them

MrsBadger Thu 24-Jul-08 09:10:50

I get ours from the local Thai supermarket

littlelapin Thu 24-Jul-08 09:11:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pellmell Thu 24-Jul-08 09:43:29

can you tell me what recipe you do with them ?
I tasted some prawn wonton soup yesterday in costco (I thought it was delicious but a bit too salty)
Fancy making my own-if I can get the wonton wrappers.

Carmenere Thu 24-Jul-08 09:46:19

In the freezer section of your local Chinese/Thai supermarket

MrsBadger Thu 24-Jul-08 09:47:27

we make what we call momos - just stir-fried veg wrapped up and steamed in one of those bamboo steamers

Carmenere Thu 24-Jul-08 09:50:29

I use them to make ravioli, much easier than making fresh pastawink

littlelapin Thu 24-Jul-08 09:54:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pellmell Thu 24-Jul-08 09:55:11

chinese supermarket

pellmell Thu 24-Jul-08 09:57:09

not sure why I did that blush
think twas intended for google!

(remind self not to mumsnet/google and assist 3 year old with necklace making at same time)

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