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Vegan staples - what do you cook? Inspiriation needed

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UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 18:27:17

I'm stuck in a food rut and am increasingly reliant on cheese & eggs (which I really dislike).

I need some more ideas of what I can make without it being chickpea or lentil chili/ lasagna/ stew

Please help!


piximon Wed 23-Jul-08 19:28:51

do you mean main meals only? I'm not vegan now but avoiding dairy as my DS3 is intolerant.

We love humous, cous cous with mixed bean salad, peppers/marrow etc stuffed with rice and veg. Curry/bolognaise with the Real Eat (vegan) soya mince. Baked potatoes with beans. I'll try to list some more when not typing one handed.

Have you tried the vegan or vegetarian society websites for recipes?

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 19:43:42

Thanks Piximon, I'm grateful for anything, not just main meals.

I do look at the vegetarian society website & Parsley Soup but will have another good look tonight.

I think I am just bored and feel like we eat the same things over and over again

TooTicky Wed 23-Jul-08 19:44:38

Bolognese (with TVP) or tomato and lentil sauce with pasta.

Risotto-type things using rice or quinoa. Have tried millet but found it odd - better added to bread dough.

Pizza with vegan cheese but it is just as nice without cheese really.

I love pittas filled with
-tahini, yeast extract, watercress, tomato, cucumber etc
-fried slices of tofu with avocado, tomato, fried mushroom (this also works well with pretend bacon)
-hummous and salad

Moroccan-type stew? Tomato, chickpea, apricot, cumin, etyc.


Will think some more.

TigerFeet Wed 23-Jul-08 19:46:35

tahini and yeast extract? Really??

vegans are weird wink

Vegan xbf used to eat lentilly stews, nut roasts, and beanfeast bolognese.

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 19:47:59

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 19:49:44

Message withdrawn

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 19:50:07

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Wed 23-Jul-08 19:50:32

I thoroughly recommend these books. I have Eastern Europe, North Africa, France and Greece and they are excellent.

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 19:50:43

Message withdrawn

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 19:51:35

Ooo, this is all good, thanks.

I forget about pittas. Will make some this week. I am not sure I like tahini but perhaps I should try it again. Perhaps it'll be better with marmite. I bought some soy cheese today so I'll be brave and try that.

We often have rice and peas - it's one of my faves.

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 19:52:43

Message withdrawn

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 19:52:58

Oh yes, will whip up a batch of burgers tonight, good idea. And felafel. Yum.

Will look at the books too.


AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 19:54:28

Message withdrawn

UnderRated Wed 23-Jul-08 19:59:18

lol, sorry Hoochie grin

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 20:08:08

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Wed 23-Jul-08 22:12:56

I prefer dark tahini to light - the light one can taste bitter. Until you are hardcore and used to such things grin
It's good with honey as well.

TooTicky Wed 23-Jul-08 22:13:58

Vegan cheese varies a lot though. Can you get the melting ones from Redwood?

Thomcat Wed 23-Jul-08 22:15:58

I made a red lentil shepherds pie for my vegan mates which everyone, inc non vegan kids, liked.

Roasted veggies

piximon Wed 23-Jul-08 22:31:15

Momma can you send me a recipe for rice and peas? Gosh I'm hungry, I had a tofu faita wrap for dinner (leftover from last night's dinner).

AbricotsSecs Wed 23-Jul-08 23:02:16

Message withdrawn

UnderRated Thu 24-Jul-08 01:27:32

Me too, Hoochie - I could do with another version of peas and rice. Can you post the recipe on here, please?

I haven't seen dark tahini. Will look for it.

I will do shepherds pie in the winter. The mashing spuds always puts me off sheperd's pie [lazy]

UnderRated Thu 24-Jul-08 18:36:00

Don't suppose any of you have any good vegan biscuit recipes, do you?

AbricotsSecs Thu 24-Jul-08 19:53:48

Message withdrawn

TooTicky Thu 24-Jul-08 20:22:44

You do mean English biscuits, don't you? I find the American idea of biscuits and gravy most disturbing.

The recipe I use most often is:

4oz margarine
2oz sugar
2oz plain wholemeal flour
4oz rolled oats
pinch bicarb

Cream margarine with sugar, gradually work in flour and bicarb. Mix in oats, use your hands if necessary.
Roll out to 1/2" thick and cut into shapes.
Bake at 190c for 15-20 minutes until light and golden.

I think I usually use SR flour and no bicarb.

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