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Tana Ramsey's toad in the

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Tinkerisdead Wed 23-Jul-08 11:47:05

Ok in Tana Ramsey's family food book, she makes individual toad in the hole, i need to adapt the recipe and i cant think for myself today. pregnancy brain and no sleep.

She roasts shallots in balsamic, i only have onions so could i quarter these and roast?

She then rewraps sausages in a new skin of bacon, places these in individual ramekins and adds the batter, wouldnt i be better to brown them first?

And i dont have individual ramekins so its either one big one or a muffin tin, used muffin tin before but with sausages deep at the bottom they were bit soggy. which would you use?

someone help me... i know i sound like a moron but i truly am too tired to think this one through for myself....blush

lilolilmanchester Wed 23-Jul-08 18:29:09

I don't know that recipe, but i would say:
yes, onions ok instead of shallots. Slightly different flavour probably but will be fine.
I've never made wrapped in bacon, but usually brown my sausages first. If she doesn't then go with her recipe.
I'd make one big one.

Perhaps too late now anyway!

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