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Bakers - I need your help please!

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LoveMyGirls Mon 21-Jul-08 07:26:40

I want to do baking with dc's over the holidays yesterday I brought......

plain flour
self raising flour
bicarb soda
baking powder
cream of tarter
caster sugar
golden syrup
icing sugar
decorating stuff

Has anyone got any idea's of things we could bake?

meridian Mon 21-Jul-08 07:34:39

cupcakes/fairy cakes to decorate... maybe make faces out of the decorations.. best face wins.. er the cupcake..

my DS loves to make short bread/sugar cookies that are star shaped...

if you have some porridge oats you can make flap jack.. or make granola type cereal.. then they have made thier own breakfast..

pancakes.. if you cut up diffrent fruit they can decorate thier own pancake with silly faces patterns flowers whatever they like...

kookiegoddess Mon 21-Jul-08 19:40:48

all kids seem to love using cutters to make shaped biscuits... so recommend getting some fun ones if you can.

Also jam tarts are easy. Watch out that they are completely cooled, the jam turns into the hottest substance known to man once it's been near an oven.

Banana bread is a good one as it's almost impossible to ruin and they can get involved at almost every stage - doesn't require a strong arm etc.

Call me crazy but you could also make salt dough - cheap and simple, google it - and make some early christmas decorations.

Make sure you get some fruit so they can have nice fruit with whatever they make as opposed to a pure hit of sugar and carbs!

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