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Today I have decided that Pimms is not really very nice.

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Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 18:50:49

Crashing headache aside.

I like mint on new potatoes, but I don't think I like a giant leaf of it swishing about in my mouth.

The strawberry bits go soggy.

It's too sweet.

It's brown.

It's frothy on the top, and that's manky seashore gopping frothy, not lovely mousse frothy.

It is either way, way too strong (hence headache) or too weak and you have to drink 7 glasses of brown lemonade to feel even slightly giddy.

I'm not going to have it again this summer. I shun Pimms, in all its numbers.

BreeVanderCampLGJ Sun 20-Jul-08 18:52:01

Pimms and tonic is much nicer...

Califrau Sun 20-Jul-08 18:53:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bellavita Sun 20-Jul-08 18:54:50

I heart pimms

Walnutshell Sun 20-Jul-08 18:55:12

it is indeed crumby as f*ck.
in fact it's barely a notch up from an alcopop, bleurgh

Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 18:57:54

Walnutshell has it. Pimms is just a posh alcopop, with a fruit salad bunged in.

It's soooo sweet, but I wonder if that is the fault of the lemonade? Maybe I should give it one more chance with tonic as Bree suggests?

Dior Sun 20-Jul-08 19:13:52

Message withdrawn

Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 19:17:03

<<hands Dior giant frothing luke warm jug of brown headache juice>>

norkmaiden Sun 20-Jul-08 19:20:07

campari knocks huuuge spots off pimms as a summer drink - and none of that fruit salad/foliage combo getting in the way.


bramblebooks Sun 20-Jul-08 19:22:11

looks at slubbers like the cat in shrek - pleeeease!

Ack chew early, I eschewed pimms for some time after I had the very bright idea of 'planning ahead' and cutting up all the fruit before the gathering, giving it a good covering of pimms to stop it going off. Commenced gathering, much fun was had. The make do and mend fanatic in me decided that chomping on the leftover fruit at the end of the evening was a good way to save food.

I was rather ill for some time. Imbibing a tonne of alcohol steeped items on top of a night's quaffing is not a good idea.

Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 19:22:16

I don't think I have ever had a Campari.

I have visions of needing to be bra-less in a leotard on rollerblades to drink it. Or is that for wearing a tampax? I forget.

TurkeyLurkey Sun 20-Jul-08 19:22:52

I hate Pimms too. Never quite sure what to do with the mint..does one spit or swallow? wink

Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 19:23:25

<bleurkkk at bramble consuming stewed pimms mint leaves>

norkmaiden Sun 20-Jul-08 19:24:37

lol at bramble's booze-filled fruit!!

No idea about the leotard/rollerblade combo! Anyway it's pink, v bitter and perfect served v cold on summer evenings...

Nighbynight Sun 20-Jul-08 19:57:11


if you are drinking it with strawberries, you deserve all you get!
you need diced cucumbers, woman - much less sweet.
Of course it tastes like benylin! that's whats so nice about it.

expatinscotland Sun 20-Jul-08 19:58:03

It's bogging.

Califrau Sun 20-Jul-08 20:04:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DoubleBluff Sun 20-Jul-08 20:04:35

i got drunk on itlast night. And was very ill.
Never again.

lunavix Sun 20-Jul-08 20:05:29

you have to use apples

expatinscotland Sun 20-Jul-08 20:06:03

it just tastes vile. there are so many nice forms of alcohol to get drunk on.

Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 20:23:00

expat speaks the truth.

There was perfectly nice cold lager available at the do I went to today. And I went for the benylin. I pity the fool that I am.

expatinscotland Sun 20-Jul-08 20:25:23

and the worst bit of Pimms is if you drink too much and you bring it back up.

barfing benylin. not fun.

Slubberdegullion Sun 20-Jul-08 20:37:37

I still have the worst headache, and all for what? Probably about 30,000 calories consumed and weidy minty sticky sensation in my mouth.

expatinscotland Sun 20-Jul-08 20:41:11

have you tried ibuprofen for the sore head?

i find it more effective than paracetamol.

unfitmother Sun 20-Jul-08 20:46:40

I love Pimms but would never put strawberries in it. hmm It needs lots of cucumber, it stays firm but goes slightly fizzy.
Even better with champagne instead of lemonade. wink

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