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Teaching kids to cook - ideas please

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LIZS Sun 20-Jul-08 12:37:47

I'm thinking it is about time ds (10) expanded his repertoire from toast and pizza toppings ! Simple ideas I can share with him please, bearing in mind he doesn't like egg, baked beans or cheese.

KatyMac Sun 20-Jul-08 12:40:40

I make a tomato base which can be used in lots of ways

I fry up onion, pepper, garlic, corriander (plus mushroom, corgette, anything I have in)

Then I either
add to mince & have bolagnaise (or lasagne)
Stir into pasta
add some much & blitz to make soup
Use as a pizza topping
Put into a toastie
Add mince & kidney beans & chilli

It's a good base for learning more

KatyMac Sun 20-Jul-08 12:41:08

Forgot to add tinned tomatos blush

Thankyouandgoodnight Sun 20-Jul-08 13:02:59

Sausage, mash & peas

Stir fry with noodles

Biscuits / cakes / fresh fruit salad

Baked chicken breasts with lemon etc (mix fresh lemon juice and olive oil on a plate and coat each breast with the stuff and then wrap in a foil parcel and bake for 30 mins at 180 degrees). serve with salad

LIZS Sun 20-Jul-08 14:20:36

ooh some good ideas here. We've got friends coming to stay in a few weeks time so it would be good to prepare some food in advance of that.

Madlentileater Sun 20-Jul-08 14:22:01

there's a great book called easy peasy. No dinosaur shaped food.

SueW Sun 20-Jul-08 14:30:30

Have a look at Sam Stern

Not just great simple food but also made by a teenage boy!

I quite like Cooking Up A Storm - my mum bought it for my nephew.

At Easter, DD (11) and her friend planned, shopped for and cooked a three course meal which I was very impressed by. Most important though - teach him to wash pots! Teachers I know who accompany kids on camping trips say they can usually manage to cook some simple food but have no idea about washing up afterwards!

pofaced Sun 20-Jul-08 14:32:35

Go to the library and take out Sam Stern's first cookery book: basically he's a teenage jamie Oliver type and good recipes. Usborne kids cookery book with red rim aroun the cover is brilliant: nutritious and easy recipes (vegtable chilli, cous cous salad, creamy chicken curry as well as profiteroles, crumbles etc): well worth buying!

pickledparsnips Tue 22-Jul-08 10:50:33

this is an excellent kids cookery book and we frequently have some of the meals from in here cooked by dd's!

LIZS Tue 22-Jul-08 19:52:50

thanks for the ideas - will have to visit the library . Tonight we made Lasagne

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