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What exactly can I make with blackcurrants apart from jam?

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OverMyDeadBody Sat 19-Jul-08 15:47:46

Inspiration, please!smile

Am just about to pick allthe blackcurrants of my parent's 8 bushes, but don't want to turn the whole to into jam again this year.

Anyone had an success making other things?


itati Sat 19-Jul-08 15:48:06


solo Sat 19-Jul-08 15:50:31

Fruit pies, cheesecakes...freeze some of the berries too.

uptomyeyes Sat 19-Jul-08 15:56:30

I made blackcurrant muffins yesterday and the kids loved them. I'm going to make another three batches today and freeze them to get rid to get rid of blackcurrant stockpile.

OverMyDeadBody Sat 19-Jul-08 16:00:44

oooh I like tghe thought of blackcurrant muffins, that's what I did with the leftover red currantsafter making jelly.

Will freeze a batch of blackcurrnats for cheesecake toppings etc.

My dad has vetoed any blackcurrant-apple pie filling type stuff,so that rules that out, ho hum.

Anyone ever made ice cream with them?

Thanks for the ideas everyone.

jkklpu Sat 19-Jul-08 16:15:59

could also freeze blends, eg blackurrant and stewed apple or pear - lovely on porage/other cereal or as pudding with yogurt
ice-cream sounds scrummy

OverMyDeadBody Sat 19-Jul-08 18:13:01

thanks jkk, that's a good idea!

I have picked two huge bowlfulls so far but the bushes are still dripping with fruit.

Two bigs tubs of Blackcurrant sorbet in the freezer though! And it wasreally reallyeasy to make smile

4 cups clackcurrants
1.25 cups water
1 cup sugar
Juice of one lemon.

Blend the blackcurrnats with a hand-held blender or in a blender, then pass through a fine saeive to remove the skins and pip.

Meanwhile, combine the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat until the sugar has all disolved. Boil for ten minutes and cool.

Mix the puree, sugar water and lemon juice and either put in an ice cream maker or into a tub in the freezer.Every few hours give the mix a good stir to bring the ice crystals around the edge into the middle and break them up.

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