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CALLING WONG, CARMENERE AND OTHER FOODIES: excellent birthday cake recipe required

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MadamAnt Fri 18-Jul-08 17:32:38

Preferably with raspberries, possibly a chocolatey one. Maybe like that one Maison Blanc used to do (intense chocolatey dense mousse with raspberries).

Must look and taste amazing. (It's for my mother's 60th birthday).

UnderRated Fri 18-Jul-08 17:53:48

Not sure if you want a 'normal' cakey type cake but I have great flourless chocolate cake recipe that everyone loves. I put raspberries on top and you can serve it with chocolate sauce. Can post recipe if you like. It's really easy.

MadamAnt Fri 18-Jul-08 18:05:42

Yes please!

UnderRated Fri 18-Jul-08 18:12:18

Flourless Chocolate Cake


454g Good quality dark chocolate (chopped)
227g unsalted butter plus ½ dsp
8 large eggs
160g sugar
2-3 tsp vanilla
½ tsp salt


450g semisweet choc
160ml double cream
1tsp vanilla
1tsp almond extract


• Preheat oven to 325/165
• Grease 9inch/ 22.5 cm spring form pan. Line bottom
• Heat chocolate & butter over simmering water & melt until smooth ~ 5 mins
• In a separate bowl, combine eggs, sugar, vanilla & salt in large bowl and mix until doubled in size & frothy ~ 5 mins
• Fold egg mix into choc mixture 1/3 at a time
• Pour batter into pan
• Bake 45 – 50 mins until risen and set at edges*. Cool on wire rack. Invert on plate.
• Serve cold or at room temp. Top with raspberries and dust with icing sugar

• Heat choc and cream in pan, mix well, serve in jug with cake.

* If it is still bit wobbly in the middle it is ok – it will firm up as it cools. I often make this the night before and leave it in the fridge over night.

MadamAnt Fri 18-Jul-08 20:01:27

Thank you so much! That sounds delicious.

Califrau Fri 18-Jul-08 20:04:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lovecat Fri 18-Jul-08 21:58:04

Here's the one I made for my birthday cake - I would halve the ingredients, it made two HUMUNGOUS cakes, so much so that I actually had 2 birthday cakes, 1 for friends/family, one for work!

I torted it into 3, spread with raspberry jam and then layered with 125g double cream whipped and 125g raspberries mashed into it, with a few tbsp icing sugar to stabilise it. Iced it with choc fudge ganache from Nigella's Feast, put choc fingers around the sides to tidy it up and then piled fresh raspberries on top - absolutely delish!

Everyone who ate it loved it - you only need little slices, it's so rich, but OMG it's lovely!

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