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Lonelymum Sun 06-Feb-05 15:27:15

So what are you putting in your pancakes on Tuesday? I tend to just do lemon and sugar or jam in mine but I would like to do some savoury fillings too. I have done a ham and parmesan cheese filling before. Anyone got any other ideas?

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:30:17

Lemon and sugar for me - I don't get savoury pancakes (like having cake and gravy!)

Dh and kids have weird and wonderful combinations involving maple syrup, ice cream and raspberry coulis but I just like lemon and sugar. Perfect!

Moomina Sun 06-Feb-05 15:31:26

Nooo, savoury is wrong!

My favourite is Nutella, spread thinly (well, thinly-ish). Heaven.

Lonelymum Sun 06-Feb-05 15:32:41

But do you just do pancakes as pudding / sweet / dessert (getting hung up about terminology now!)or do you just eat pancakes as your entire meal (which is what we do) It just seems a bit unhealthy guzzling pancakes and nothing else (especially as I have no intention of giving up milk, flour and eggs during Lent!)

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:35:32

Oh we have them just for pudding - I see what you mean if you have them for the whole meal (note my clever evasion of having to use dinner, tea or supper there!)

We usually have a light meal (home made soup or similar) then pig out on pancakes!

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:36:15

Oh, Lonelymum, you've given me an idea for a thread!

Lonelymum Sun 06-Feb-05 15:36:52

What? Or should I say pardon?

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:37:59

You'll see...

Elf1981 Sun 06-Feb-05 15:38:32

When on my honeymoon, there was a cafe that did pancakes. They had one which was a bit fat pancake covered with strawberries, blackberries, orange segments, pineapple chunks and squirty cream.
My husband enjoyed panckaes with hot bananas and icecream.
At home I like pancakes with lemon juice and sugar.
Though pancakes and chocolate sauce is rather lovely too!

Moomina Sun 06-Feb-05 15:39:58

Big fat blueberry pancakes with maple syrup. Oooooooh.

Lonelymum Sun 06-Feb-05 15:45:48

Oh and please don't use pancake mix! Pancakes are the easiest thig to make (believe me, wherever I go I am hailed as a champion pancake maker):

One egg
4 oz flour
half a pint of milk

Whizz all the above together very thoroughly (takes a minute or two with an electric whisk)

Use a very clean frying pan (the secret is to use a pan that you only use for eggs)

Heat the fat in the pan (again the secret is to use lard but you veggies will object to that)

The fat should be hot enough so that it smokes.

Turn the heat down before pouring in the batter.
The first pancake is always naff (for the cook to susutain her through the long frying session!)

All others will be perfect. In between pancakes, you need to add a blob more fat. Flip them over when you see the side going brown.

happy eating!

Ameriscot2005 Sun 06-Feb-05 15:45:57

If I can be bothered making crepes, I'll do a chicken filling for them. More likely, it will be Bisquick American pancakes with maple syrup.

suedonim Sun 06-Feb-05 15:53:03

Lemon & sugar, lemon & sugar, lemon & sugar here. And maybe one with golden syrup, for a change.

Joolstoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:53:55

can't be arsed with pancakes fullstop!

(mind you I have no little ones at home now!)

marthamoo Sun 06-Feb-05 15:54:20

Oooh suedonim, you wild and reckless woman!

suedonim Sun 06-Feb-05 15:59:22

Lol, Marthamoo!!

jodee Sun 06-Feb-05 15:59:54

Blueberries here too - yum!

BellaLasagne Sun 06-Feb-05 16:56:59

Yum yum - chocolate spread.

P.S. Pudding!!! (Sweet and dessert v. v. naff)

P.P.S. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The children have tea if before 5pm else it's supper!

P.P.S Shrove Tuesday not Pancake Day - urrggggg!

Lonelymum Sun 06-Feb-05 17:41:02

BL: no-one mentioned Pancake Day did they? Or are you just getting in there with Shrove Tuesday first?

helsi Sun 06-Feb-05 17:50:29

Savoury idea is to fill a pancake with a seafood type rice thing (tryng to remember what mum used to do!) I think it was yellow rice, prawns, peas etc (a bit like pealla I think) all wrapped in a pancake - it was yummy.
I like cheese and ham in mine and any sweet filling suits me.

fairyfly Mon 07-Feb-05 19:31:42

I'm never making those little f@ckers again. Its a sure fire way to get you in a stinking mood. I actually made soggy yorkshire pudding with the consistancy of rice pudding. I ate one and feel like ive drank a vat of oil. My kids refused to touch them, even though i set the table and said it was a pancake party. Then finally i rang my boyfriend who said don't take this the wrong way ff but its like getting a pot noodle wrong.

littlemissbossy Mon 07-Feb-05 19:42:03

ff, just do what I do, go and buy them at marks and spencer's

COD Mon 07-Feb-05 19:42:51

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Mon 07-Feb-05 19:44:21

i saw them for sale ready made aswell and thought no no no

COD Mon 07-Feb-05 19:44:49

Message withdrawn

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