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Pizza dough - can you freeze and when?

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Gloria42 Thu 17-Jul-08 11:20:36

DP has recently been diagnosed with coeliac and I have been experimenting with gluten free flour. Managed to make some decent pizza bases but was a bit of a faff, leaving dough to rise etc so not something I could quickly bung in the oven after work.
So, the question is, to be prepared can I freeze the raw dough and if so, at what stage should I put it in the freezer? Before rising? After rising but before kneading? When it's basically ready to go into the oven?

OverMyDeadBody Thu 17-Jul-08 11:23:00

I would freeze them already rolled out ready to go in the oven, or actually part-bake them, then freeze them after cooling down. That would be the best thing actually, thinking about it.

FrazzledFairyFay Thu 17-Jul-08 11:25:05

I make 'normal' pizza dough in my breadmaker then take it out, let it rise and then freeze it in balls - ie when it's at the ready to cook stage. I then take out a ball in the morning, leave it covered up to defrost and form it into a base at tea time. I've no idea whether this is the 'right' way of doing it but tt seems to work absolutely fine for me.

I also make big batches of the tomato sauce and freeze that in ice cube trays so that I can defrost just enough for an individual child's pizza.

Good luck!

ChopsTheDuck Thu 17-Jul-08 11:30:20

ooh this is a good idea! I guess it would work with naan dough too?

Gloria42 Thu 17-Jul-08 11:34:04

Overmydeadbody, the gluten free stuff seems quite hard to work with. Breaks up really easily uncooked so might look more like crumbs by the time I defrosted it! I tried pre-cooking but it made it quite dry so will try Frazzled's balls idea! Thanks all

OverMyDeadBody Thu 17-Jul-08 12:11:50

ok, sorry, I don't have much experience with gluten free dough!

The ball idea sounds good.

I secomd the ice cubes of tomato sauce too for indicidual pizzas!

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