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mmmmm ...... friend coming to dinner - no red meat, dairy and wheat

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Merlin Mon 14-Jul-08 18:30:13

What shall I cook?

DH not a big fish lover , so maybe chicken thing?

Any ideas gratefully received!!!


elmoandella Mon 14-Jul-08 18:42:13

poussin, spatchcock it. sprinkle with rosemary, olive oil and garlic.

stick it in oven for an hr. have it with bread and salad.

spicemonster Mon 14-Jul-08 18:49:59

No bread! Potatoes maybe.

Or you could do a chicken and leek risotto? Sweat some onions in butter/oil, add the rice and chicken and 500ml stock. Then leeks towards end of cooking

sarah293 Mon 14-Jul-08 18:51:23

Message withdrawn

Scootergrrrl Mon 14-Jul-08 18:54:00

Chicken and roasted veg - cherry toms, courgettes, peppers etc?

oggsfrog Mon 14-Jul-08 18:57:32

Roast chicken with lemon, garlic and rosemary. New potatoes. Salad.

Duck, rice pancakes, hoi sin sauce, spring onions, cucumber.

Pork stir fry with chillies.

2loudboys Mon 14-Jul-08 19:57:09

Bowl of peanuts !!!!!!!! With wine, of course wink.

Booboobedoo Mon 14-Jul-08 20:00:55

Guacamole with crudites.

Chicken Thai Red Curry (coconut milk cunning dairy substitute) with rice.

Espresso Granita.

(Have a friend with similar proclivities).

Merlin Mon 14-Jul-08 20:25:50

Thank you! Some lovely ideas there - will give it some thought.

2loudboys - liking your style!!!!!

Ladytophamhatt Mon 14-Jul-08 20:26:57

boiled eggs without soldiers.

Merlin Wed 16-Jul-08 19:56:44

OK - have decided on chicken and roasted veg. Maybe some new pots if lucky! grin

Am having a complete blank on a starter - all my faves seem to have the offending ingredients in!

Anyone suggest something tasty and easy please?

2loudboys Wed 16-Jul-08 20:06:00

Crudites (pepper, carrot, celery etc etc yada yada) + homemade hummous (whizz couple tins drained chickpeas, couple tablespoons tahini, squeeze of lemon juice & clove or two of garlic in food processor). If you want, you can stir some cumin powder through it if you want.

Pile it all on a platter in centre of table & drizzle some olive oil over top of hummous.

Merlin Thu 17-Jul-08 16:09:59

mmmm had thought of that one, but wondered if it was veg overload with the roasted veg for main!

ANyone else?

Merlin Thu 17-Jul-08 17:40:39


lilolilmanchester Thu 17-Jul-08 17:49:58

A simple salad perhaps? Mixed leaves, cooked mushrooms, bacon (if they don't count that as red meat, sundried tomatoes, pine nuts - or anything else you fancy - and a nice dressing? Still veg but different veg to the roasted ones

palaver Thu 17-Jul-08 17:53:46


there are lots of different veg soups

prawns? done in chilli and garlic or maybe a classic prawn cocktail with no bread for friend

Merlin Thu 17-Jul-08 17:54:16

No bacon or ham! She is a PITA!!!!!!

Merlin Thu 17-Jul-08 17:55:30

DH doesn't like prawns! Think a bowl of peanuts will have to do at this rate!!

Thanks for the suggestions though!

palaver Thu 17-Jul-08 17:56:33

chicken liver pate and salad leaves?

palaver Thu 17-Jul-08 17:57:12

mushroom [ate?


palaver Thu 17-Jul-08 17:57:31

oops mushroom pate

MsDemeanor Thu 17-Jul-08 18:00:23

I second bowl of peanuts and lots of wine. Sounds like you'll need it!

Merlin Thu 17-Jul-08 18:05:23

oooh mushroom pate sounds good - but no toast for her!!!!

palaver Thu 17-Jul-08 18:06:21

oatcakes for her with the pate

Ewe Thu 17-Jul-08 18:07:09

Garlic mushrooms?

Mmm, my fav, the rest of you can dip bread in too.

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