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I got over-excited at the PYO place and picked a few round courgettes..

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hopefully Mon 14-Jul-08 11:52:44

What can I do with them?

Would I be able to chop and freeze one, a la supermarket frozen ready-chopped veg for stir fry, or will it be manky when I defrost it?

Was thinking of roasting another with something stuffed into it, maybe rice? Any suggestions?

These courgettes are yellow, spherical, about 15-20cm in diameter. I have no idea what type of courgette they are, but they looked exciting so I picked them!

hopefully Mon 14-Jul-08 11:53:03

ooh, or maybe courgette cake? Any ideas welcome!

fryalot Mon 14-Jul-08 11:53:52

I've never had them but I believe they are gorgeous. Like conventional courgettes, but slightly more flavoursome.

You can do with them whatever you would do with a "normal" courgette.

I wouldn't freeze them though.

ib Mon 14-Jul-08 11:59:32

I wouldn't freeze them but they are great for stuffing! We do them roast in the oven stuffed with minced meat.

hopefully Mon 14-Jul-08 16:48:08

Thanks! DP will just have to get used to the idea of a lot of courgette-based meals this week...

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