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Urgent - buttercream question!

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hillbilly Sun 13-Jul-08 10:29:42

I am baking dd's birthday cake and need to know if I can make the buttercream ahead of time and keepit in the fridge? Or will it go hard and not spreadable?


DaisySteiner Sun 13-Jul-08 10:32:56

Yes, to both. You can make it in advance but you'll need to get it out of the fridge before you need it so it will soften again.

giraffeski Sun 13-Jul-08 10:33:44

Message withdrawn

hillbilly Sun 13-Jul-08 10:34:44

Thanks so much! If I make it now and want to ice the cake this afternoon could I just leave it out or will it go too soft?

MrsBadger Sun 13-Jul-08 10:50:01

leave it out unless it's really warm where you are

NB if you are using marg ratehr than actual butter it'll stay spreadable even in the fridge

hillbilly Sun 13-Jul-08 11:07:51


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