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cherryapple Sun 13-Jul-08 08:12:18

Hi, I need some advice please. I took a joint of beef out of the freezer last night & forgot to put it in the fridge so it has been on the work top all night defrosting. Should I bin it? or would it be safe to cook today.

MarkStretch Sun 13-Jul-08 08:12:59

That's how I normally defrost meat.

davidtennantsmistress Sun 13-Jul-08 08:16:02

same as, how I defrost meat. if you're worried just cook it for a little longer than you normally would.

PeaMcLean Sun 13-Jul-08 08:16:48

Sounds fine to me! I'd do that as well. Keep it in the fridge now until you want to cook it.

thumbwitch Sun 13-Jul-08 08:17:09

it should be fine for today

cherryapple Sun 13-Jul-08 08:36:04

Thankyou for your replies, It has put my mind at rest, I get worried with food poisening especially as I have a lo.

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