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sunday lunch ideas - not roast, not casserole

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hatwoman Sat 12-Jul-08 15:58:48

I don't want to do a roast as I hate all the last minute faffing when you have guests - also I'm not entirely sure what time our guests will arrive and I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to timing roast. And I don;t want to do a casserole as I have a strong suspicion that the junior guests won;t eat it. I was wondering whether to roast a chicken and have it warm/cold with salad... any ideas?

JackieNo Sat 12-Jul-08 16:00:06

Roast chicken sounds good. Or salmon, and then you can have it cool/warm, with new potatoes and salad?

MamaG Sat 12-Jul-08 16:00:07

Yes to roast chicken with salady bits

nice cheeses
good bread
yummy dressings
roast peppers
potato salad (home made of course wink)

nailpolish Sat 12-Jul-08 16:00:19

my children love casseroles

but they also love chicken salad. which would be hardly any faffing as its all pre prep isnt it. go for it

RubberDuck Sat 12-Jul-08 16:00:52

Yes, was going to suggest buffet type thing with plenty of salad, bread, cheese, cold meat etc. Tends to be my standby.

What about a chilli with rice and/or baked potatoes, plenty of salad, cheese, bread etc? Any leftovers easily frozen for another meal. If the kids don't like chilli (although I'd tend to make a fairly mild one) then they can fill up on cheese, baked potato and salad?

nailpolish Sat 12-Jul-08 16:01:39

you DEF need new potatoes

a big chunky potato salad with chives and mayo

bean salad

crusty bread

mixed crunchy veg

popsycal Sat 12-Jul-08 16:02:25

jamie olivers fish pie
everyone loves that

hatwoman Sat 12-Jul-08 16:05:27

ok so a roast chicken with salad and new pots is acceptable. definitely makes life easier.

chutneymary Sat 12-Jul-08 16:09:30

Roasted veg lasagne - all the work done before they arrive then just shove it in the oven. Delish!

Lucycat Sat 12-Jul-08 16:11:22

Somerfield have half price Gammons (1.2kg) at the moment - £5 - you could 'do a Nigella' with it.

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