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Does anyone know where I can buy the children's chopsticks they have in Wagamama?

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onceinalifetime Sat 12-Jul-08 09:40:51

I've had enough of grovelling at our local one for some spares to take home and wondering where I can buy some? Googled but getting nowhere. I will try local oriental supermarket but just wondered if anyone knows anywhere specific - online or Central London if possible. Thanks.

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onceinalifetime Sat 12-Jul-08 09:41:27

They're the ones that slot together at the top.

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MaryAnnSingleton Sat 12-Jul-08 09:44:13

big chinese supermarkets in China town in Soho might or a Japanese shop in Oriental City in Colindale ( if that hasn't closed yet) - might do a mail order..or even Muji

JackieNo Sat 12-Jul-08 09:47:56

Not sure of what you mean (never been to wagamama), but would something like these help?

onceinalifetime Sat 12-Jul-08 09:48:17

Thanks MAS, I tried Oriental City but the place was practically empty and very run down, looks like it's closing down very soon. I suppose it's a trawl of Chinatown then.

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JackieNo Sat 12-Jul-08 09:50:01

Or these?

JackieNo Sat 12-Jul-08 09:51:29

Or these?

onceinalifetime Sat 12-Jul-08 09:51:48

Thanks JackieNo, I saw those and might get them but the Wagamama ones are disposable wooden ones and they're flatter so a bit easier to use. Both school and nursery specifically recommend these as good for pincer grip pratice.

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BibiThree Sat 12-Jul-08 09:51:58

We got Rookie Stix at Sainsbury's. Also Kitch N Sync do them with animals on the top.

onceinalifetime Sat 12-Jul-08 10:09:50

Thanks BibiThree but I particularly want the wooden ones that slot together. The plastic ones are narrower and more slippery. [fussy bitch/pedant emoticon]

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BibiThree Sat 12-Jul-08 13:31:18

That's fine, dd loves her animal ones, can't eat with them for toffee, (she's only 3) but bless her, she tries hard. If you get any luck post again so I can get her some wooden one too?

Thanks and good luck!

JackieNo Sat 12-Jul-08 13:34:43

Ooh - Wooden ones?

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 12-Jul-08 13:42:25

have looked on Wagamama website in their shop and no chopsticks - you'd think they'd sell them !

Cod Sat 12-Jul-08 13:50:00

Message withdrawn

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 12-Jul-08 13:51:36

yes,I suggested Muji too

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 12-Jul-08 13:53:40

nope, they only seem to do separate chopsticks

palaver Sat 12-Jul-08 14:21:28

They are called Klik Snacksticks and are supplied by a co called W K Thomas & Company. email

I think you might have to buy 1000 as they are catering suppliers

Guess who had lunch at Wagamams?

onceinalifetime Sat 12-Jul-08 21:00:23

Sorry, been out all day. Thank you very much everyone for all the replies but bloody hell most of all palava for going well beyond the call of duty - I think I owe you lunch grin! Never would have worked out that they were called snacksticks - not sure about getting through a 1,000 in a lifetime though.......

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bullochqc Tue 09-Apr-13 14:37:30

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

kaaren69 Mon 19-Aug-13 15:38:59

not wagamama, but bamboo and similar principle - should work?

Lamaline1108 Sun 31-May-15 14:53:52

I happen to have found a supplier but it's in China. If anyone courageous enough to try...

molusc Mon 30-Oct-17 07:45:09

I found this old thread when Googling the same question so if anyone else still has this question...

You can buy snacksticks on eBay at

sashh Mon 30-Oct-17 07:53:11

Are you looking for rookie sticks?

Or the bamboo ones?

0hCrepe Mon 30-Oct-17 07:55:43

They do the plastic ones in the range

molusc Mon 30-Oct-17 08:29:43

The OP was looking for the exact ones they have in Wagamamas - the Snacksticks with slightly pointed end. i.e. the ones for sale in the eBay listing I linked to.

Those bamboo ones on look pretty similar; just a slightly different shape.

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