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Spanish foodies ! over here please !

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lulumama Wed 09-Jul-08 14:22:07

I would like to make a paella for my spanish student before she goes back home.

I would like it to be authentic, but i don;t have a paella pan !

I bought the rice so that is one thing done.

any top tips and recipes please..

kiltycoldbum Wed 09-Jul-08 14:27:14

im afraid i dont have much time but i find 250gr of rice to 900ml of stock is the perfect combo and to use half meat half fish stock (if youre using shellfish) for the best taste and to cover loosely in foil once put shellfish on so steam helps it cook and cooks the rest of the rice . you can get the colourants instead of relying on saffron, Paellera sachets or the actual stock in a jar from spanish supermarkets like garcias or one that comes in a spice jar.

sorry if i get chance ill come back on later, we love spanish food in this house!

lulumama Wed 09-Jul-08 14:29:53

thank you kilty! if you have any other ideas for spanish food that would be great! although she seems happy with english stuff .. i will get some saffron i think... never had a reason to buy it before

witchandchips Wed 09-Jul-08 14:38:36

good heavy pan should do instead and please use saffron it makes such a difference to the look and taste.

Other spanish dishes
pan con tomate (stale bread light toasted and rubbed with garlic and tomatoes and then drizzles with olive oil)

tortilla de patatas but imo you shold get her to make this for you- best way to learn

fababda (hearty stew from asturias)

lulumama Wed 09-Jul-08 15:56:16

yes, have already made tortilla, going to do the tomato thing...

have a heavy bottomed sauce pan, or could borrow a le creuset from my friend?

thank you smile

mankymummy Wed 09-Jul-08 15:57:25

DO use saffron... NOT yellow food colouring as i once did blush

RubySlippers Wed 09-Jul-08 15:58:11

you need fabbolla saffron

DH makes a great paeya!

heavy bottomed pan will be fine IME

oh, and i need help here ... need to dry DS's shoes

RubySlippers Wed 09-Jul-08 15:58:54

ha ha ha - that was the thread Manky - it made me snort tea out of my nose ...

watsthestory Wed 09-Jul-08 15:59:33

Message withdrawn

mankymummy Wed 09-Jul-08 16:02:42

ooh the shame, Ruby.

i thought that little thread might have been forgotten by now! wink

RubySlippers Wed 09-Jul-08 16:03:36

it was a classic MN thread!

lulumama Wed 09-Jul-08 16:09:44

ah yes, mankymummy, rest assured it will have been copied and pasted into many a word document so as never to be forgotten ! grin

mankymummy Wed 09-Jul-08 16:10:58

shock really?!!

think a name change is in order...

lulumama Wed 09-Jul-08 16:40:30

no, i am kidding!

<<deletes files>>

seriously, i am kidding smile it was a funny thread and i think you are ace!

kiltycoldbum Wed 09-Jul-08 20:27:08

lulumama saffron does give a great taste but i do sometimes buy the stock ready made, in the s/market here you can buy the calespera rice with the jar of stock in a combined pack. ive made paella in a large wok type thing before and it was fine.

We also love Rabo De Toro which is basically bulls/ox tail, i soak it overnight in a pot covered with red wine a few sprigs of thyme and a bay leaf, take out the meat the next day, brown it then remove that from pan an set aside, then pour in the red wine a boil it furiosly till its reduced by almost 3/4 pour in the stock (beef) and then put the rabo back in and let it simmer for 3hrs, sometimes if toward the end the sauce isnt thick enough i take out the meat and cover, reduce the sauce a bit then put the meat back in and let simmer gently for a bit, serve with good old buttery mash for a nice english/spanish twist.

Fabada is fab witchandchips smile though you really do need the morcilla, the right jamon ends and fat, i dont know what spanish supermarkets you have near you lulumama but i guess a spaniard is happy to eat english food as they get all the spanish food they want at home and its always so perfect! a really easy peasey dish is revuelto which is scrambled egg, but they often put things in it like prawns or garlic shoots, or just chop up some blood sausage (morcilla or black pudding!) fry it in butter than chuck in the eggs and scramble!

sorry i could go on forever smile i love food, me and my dp spend all the time we can either in spain or in tapas bars here! sorry to ramble!

lulumama Wed 09-Jul-08 20:30:28

thank you ! smile i have a big wok, so that will do .. i have gallons of chicken stock and i can buy some fish stock. those recipes sounds lovely. if you want to suggest any more, feel free !! super duper!

lulumama Mon 21-Jul-08 12:26:13

ok, am going to make my paella today !!!

barcelonababe Mon 21-Jul-08 12:57:14

i agree with Kilty, perhaps instead of breaking your back prepping something from sunny spain you could cook typical english things.

When my mum comes to London and attempts to make a paella, it nevers taste the same as when done in BCN (where I am from).

Ah, another easy dish would be SPANISH OMELETTE.

An online supermarket,

Good Luck!

lulumama Mon 21-Jul-08 13:22:58

she is quite a picky eater, and i cannot make chicken ,pizza or pasta every nigth !

lulumama Mon 21-Jul-08 13:23:24

she did not like my tortilla eitehr !

will look at the other link , thank you

lulumama Wed 23-Jul-08 18:11:33

made the paella

didn;t like that either


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