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how do i freeze fresh runner beans? do i have to do something to them first?

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fairylights Wed 09-Jul-08 12:58:20

seem to have a glut of runner beans (none grown by me but will have my own soon too!) so thought i would freeze some but have a feeling you are supposed to blanche them or something?? ta! smile

utterlyconfused Wed 09-Jul-08 13:03:28

Yes, cut them into the pieces that you will eat and blanche. Make sure you plunge them into iced water to stop the cooking process.

I think you could preserve them in salt too.

OlderNotWiser Wed 09-Jul-08 13:05:35

yes, seem to recall that they just dont keep as well (even if frozen)if not blanched first. no idea how or why, but Alan Titchmarsh said it one programme so it must be true grin

fairylights Wed 09-Jul-08 13:11:28

ok, i should have said: i am not entirely sure what blanching means blush could you just talk me through it? ta!

sophy Wed 09-Jul-08 16:46:57

String and chop beans small.

Add to pan of boiling water.

As soon as water has returned to boil take off heat, drain beans and plunge into sink full of iced water.

When cold, drain, then bag up, removing as much air as possible, and freeze.

You can also make them into chutney.

fairylights Wed 09-Jul-08 20:42:02

thanks sophy, an excellent guide smile

fairylights Wed 09-Jul-08 20:42:14

thanks sophy, an excellent guide smile

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