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Roast potatoes - can I pre or part cook them?

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thehouseofmirth Tue 08-Jul-08 16:34:54

Can Icook them or part cook them this afternoon and then blast them quickly to finish them off tonight? Or will they turn soggy?

Collision Tue 08-Jul-08 16:35:37

I think you could par-boil them and whack em in a hot oven for 20 mins later.

bellavita Tue 08-Jul-08 16:37:09

I usually par boil and leave them till later on.

MaryBS Tue 08-Jul-08 16:38:11

I always parboil them. No they shouldn't turn soggy, depending on variety of potato

thehouseofmirth Tue 08-Jul-08 16:40:09

Sorry, what I meant to ask is can I pre-roast and re-heat them?

MaryBS Tue 08-Jul-08 17:03:20

I've done that before, with leftover roasties, and they're fine

thehouseofmirth Tue 08-Jul-08 17:06:21

Fab, MaryBS. Thank you.

MaryBS Thu 10-Jul-08 21:52:09

How did they turn out?

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