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Made a pavlova, now what will I do with 5 egg yolks?

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fridayschild Tue 08-Jul-08 13:38:57

Any ideas? The children loved pavlova and I will be made to make it again with them, but the egg yolk issue needs to be dealt with.

RubySlippers Tue 08-Jul-08 13:39:26

french toast

Carmenere Tue 08-Jul-08 13:39:38

Mousse? Mayonnaise?

OsmosisBanana Tue 08-Jul-08 13:39:53


ComeOVeneer Tue 08-Jul-08 13:40:23

Curd? What fruit do you have?

OsmosisBanana Tue 08-Jul-08 13:40:35

got any dogs? They are usually joyous recipients.

TigerFeet Tue 08-Jul-08 13:41:03

Spaghetti carbonara

Cadbury Tue 08-Jul-08 13:41:12

lemon curd

missblythe Tue 08-Jul-08 13:41:26

lemon curd! Yum!

overthemill Tue 08-Jul-08 13:41:56

french toast, quiches. mayo. enriching a cheese sauce.

ComeOVeneer Tue 08-Jul-08 13:43:32

This might be useful. Apparently you can freeze them.

fridayschild Tue 08-Jul-08 13:52:04

wow, what a quick response. Thanks everyone!

No dogs, hard enough exercising 2 small boys smile

stealthsquiggle Tue 08-Jul-08 13:58:02

pasta chocolate mousse

taliac Tue 08-Jul-08 14:04:24


So easy and yummy too.

indianajane Tue 08-Jul-08 14:04:53


PrettyCandles Tue 08-Jul-08 14:07:59

Beat one or two vigorously with olive oil and honey, and rub into your scalp. Clingfilm turban with a towel turban on top, and leave for a couple of hours, then shampoo out. Wonderful for skin and hair.

Hoonette Tue 08-Jul-08 14:13:28

Easter Biscuits.

Nigellapleasecomedinewithme Fri 11-Jul-08 13:42:29

custard / icecream / creme caramel / flan (spanish type) / carbonara / some biscuits use yolk only (can't think just now) - we usually end up with too many whites left over - the --sperm bank-- freezer keeps them fresh.

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