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cat litter tray cake

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sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:03:57

Hi all
It is my friends birthday on Fri and she is a cat lover. I was googling some cakes to buy/make and came across this one which looks fab (in a disgusting sort of way) but it seems to be an american recipe and i cannot actually find one i could make using english ingredients.

the link is here for the cake

anyone who has any ideas would be greatfully received


fryalot Tue 08-Jul-08 09:05:21



no really, why?

do this instead

2sugars Tue 08-Jul-08 09:07:56

No, no, do the first one! You may have to post on the US threads for this. Or google Tootsie Rolls hmm

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:10:50

i thought i could use marzipan for the bits of poop.

I just thought it was a bit different that was all

just not sure on what sort of cake to use

or whether just to bake a giant flapjack and put the marzipan poop on top??

JacobsPrincess Tue 08-Jul-08 09:18:15

Love the idea, but my word, Yanks eat some crap don't they?! Here's my translation - Cook up some packet cake mixes, crumble them up, mix with crumbled custared creams and vanilla angel delight. Stick on chocolate turds.
Sounds great doesn't it?
I'd use the idea and just make a giant flapjack, or ice a regular sponge cake. Great idea to serve in a litter tray!

Commending your idea for being different, but don't you think that for a cat owner who probably has to deal with really gross litter trays daily, it might be a bit offputting? But you know your friend best and quite honestly, if she would think it hilarious, go for it!

I'd buy some chocolate fudge and use that for the poop, it's fairly pliable and much yummier than marzipan!

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:21:48

thanks for that

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:22:40

what a fab idea. to be honest she knows im slightly strange so i don't think she would be too suprised lol

Just wanted to be a bit quirky

yorkshirepudding Tue 08-Jul-08 09:24:12

Message withdrawn

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:26:52

to be honest i dont really have alot of time and my cake skills aren't that progressed that i could even dream of making something like that

it needs to be something i can make thurs night as am at work all day and then my nan is in hosp so i am there of an evening. time is not on my side

Don't forget to stick a pic of the finished cake on your profile!!

juniperdewdrop Tue 08-Jul-08 09:41:21

squonk and YP have the same idea grin

Think that shitty tray looks vile but if you want to do it then up to you? Clever idea in a weird way but as a dog lover if someone made me a cake of a nappy bag full of shit I'd put their face in it.......and I don't mean the cake wink

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:42:35

will do

I think i will just make a flap jack and put that in the tray (which will sort of look like sawdust) and then the fudge moulded into poop shapes.


sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 09:43:55

lol i used to have a dog so i know what you are saying. just thought it would be amusing as a novelty factor

juniperdewdrop Tue 08-Jul-08 09:51:40

Well my dog has suddenly started pooing in a ring? He does 5 or 6 dollops in a circle. Thank fig he's stopped doing one then sneaking off and doing another....I was terrified the park warden would see him and I hadn't. I saw him collar a guy the other day and he was giving him a right rollocking (and fine no doubt)

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 10:01:40

we used to feed our dog frolic and it used to give him this radioactive bright orange poop. not pleasant!

Litterbug Tue 08-Jul-08 10:03:00

If a friends made that for ME I would firstly, vomit on them, then kindly escort them out of my house and never speak to them again!

Its disgusting! hmm

juniperdewdrop Tue 08-Jul-08 10:09:39

easy to see at night though sweetmonkey grin

Litterbug you wouldn't speak to them again? I can think of worse things they could do to you. I'd get them back in an evil sneaky way but still speak to them wink muhahhahaha

Litterbug Tue 08-Jul-08 10:13:04

OK maybe thats a bit of an over reaction!

But it would go straight in the bin when they left, i would never eat it.


sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 10:13:44

its not meant in a malicious way. Like i have said she knows i can be quite nutty about things and i just thought it would make her laugh

i am not doing it to make her vomit or to offend her

it is just meant to be humerous

Litterbug Tue 08-Jul-08 10:16:10

But why would you want to eat a tray of immitation gravel and shit??

juniperdewdrop Tue 08-Jul-08 10:18:10

I'm beginning to feel really sorry for you now sweetmonkey. You didn't post this on 'Am I being unreasonable' thread did you? Sorry about my comments I only meant them in fungrin I can think of one mate who would laugh their arse off at this and am sure your mate will too.

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 10:18:57

i dont know i googled it, that was something that came up and it just made me laugh.

Litterbug Tue 08-Jul-08 10:20:12

Sorry blush

I just think of a cake as a yummy, nice, attracive, thoughtful present.

And cat poo doesn't really fit in with it!

sweetmonkey Tue 08-Jul-08 10:20:22

juniperdewdrop don't worry i didnt take offence.

I will make it and take the chance that she will either love it or hate it. grin

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