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Carrot Cake - Can I have your best recipes please.....

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Love2bake Sun 06-Jul-08 17:40:52

I want something fairly easy but really good.

Also your best yummy cheese frosting tips.


christiana Sun 06-Jul-08 17:50:23

Message withdrawn

Love2bake Sun 06-Jul-08 17:55:50

OMG - thanks christiana they look soooo good.

I would think you could make those into a tray-bake kind of cake anyway.

spamm Sun 06-Jul-08 17:56:35

I have just made this cake - it is still in the tin cooling, but we have tasted the cupcakes we made with the cake mix left over. They are fab and both ds and dh say it is wonderful.

Carrot cake From Jamie's How to Cook

Love2bake Sun 06-Jul-08 18:01:50

Spamm - looks lovely, thanks so much.

I love the internet grin

Whizzz Wed 09-Jul-08 18:52:10

oooo Just made the Waitrose ones (only without orange) & they are fabby - thanks christiana grin. Not frosted them yet tho

christiana Wed 09-Jul-08 19:00:37

Message withdrawn

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