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Can I freeze smoked salmon?

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oxocube Tue 21-Jan-03 09:30:42

Real quickie - can I freeze smoked salmon? My supermarket has it at half price as the sell by date is up tomorrow, but I need it for Friday! I assume that it has not been previously frozen but will check. TIA x

CAM Tue 21-Jan-03 09:34:17


thumper Tue 21-Jan-03 09:36:16

As long as it hasn't been frozen before, I would say yes. I have done so on many occasions (like you, when its on special offer) and it (and everyone who has eaten it!) has been fine. Could do with the half price offer myself - it is currently dd's favourite, not that she gets it much!

GillW Tue 21-Jan-03 09:38:05

It should say on the packaging whether it's suitable for freezing - but I've never seen smoked salmon which isn't sold already frozen marked as unsuitable for home freezing.

bayleaf Tue 21-Jan-03 15:18:26

It does occasionally say not to - there was some cheapy stuff last xmas that said on the packaging it had already been frozen and not to do so at home - but if it says nothing then I'm sure it will be fine - I always have some in the freezer.

Giovanna1 Tue 21-Jan-03 17:51:32

Yes! I was at a brunch on New Year's day at a friend's house - they had the best smoked salmon I'd ever tasted - husband had caught the fish in Canada in September, smoked it and froze it immediately. It was so yummy...

Eulalia Tue 21-Jan-03 21:42:46

Yes I've done it many times and it froze very well.

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