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anyone have nigella lawson's feast?

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Beansmum Tue 01-Feb-05 12:17:05

could somebody please look in the back of the book and tell me where she gets her herbs and spices from. I think there are 2 addresses, one is bunalun but their website isn't working. Can you tell I am studying hard!

bundle Tue 01-Feb-05 12:22:06

have a copy at home, but i'm at work today, sorry. if you have no luck i'll have a peep tonight

Beansmum Tue 01-Feb-05 12:28:08

Thanks I actually have a copy but it's at home and I'm at uni. I don't really need to know, I'm just trying to find even more ways to waste my money. Just spent £27 on cookie cutters and some easter sprinkles.

weightwatchingwaterwitch Tue 01-Feb-05 12:29:21

I've got it, hang on

bundle Tue 01-Feb-05 12:30:53

ooh which shape cookie cutters? there's a lovely shop near my in-laws where i'm going to splash out next time i'm over there. dd1 delighted that i bought some Barbie sprinkles the other week..
(have you tried the food colouring paste she recommends so highly??)

weightwatchingwaterwitch Tue 01-Feb-05 12:33:04

Bunulan organics here (00 353) (0)28 23570
seasoned pioneers, 0800 0682348

Beansmum Tue 01-Feb-05 12:34:51

I bought some footprints, lots of xmas ones for making decorations, a heart, a chick and was very tempted by an alligator but managed to restrain myself!

Also bought some fancy cupcake cases with easter eggs on. I felt really guilty that I didn't get the girls at bean's nursery anything for xmas so am going to make lots of yummy easter things for them instead.

NameChangingMancMidlander Tue 01-Feb-05 12:35:08

I read this as 'Anyone have Nigella Lawson's FEET?'

Beansmum Tue 01-Feb-05 12:36:20

no, I haven't tried the food colouring paste. I tend to just go for white icing and then fancy decorations.

Thanks www

bundle Tue 01-Feb-05 12:38:14

oh footprints sound good. i think they can become addictive. treats for the nursery workers sounds a lovely might have just inspired me.

BethAndHerBrood Tue 01-Feb-05 16:27:37

Did you buy the cookie cutters online?? If so, where from?? (have addiction to them! )

TwoIfBySea Tue 01-Feb-05 23:07:20

I'll add my voice to Beth there! Where did you buy?

Nice cookie cutters are quite hard to find unless you want to buy bulk!

Beansmum Thu 03-Feb-05 12:44:23

here !

BethAndHerBrood Thu 03-Feb-05 13:42:17

Thanks for that, beansmum! I have just bought an elephant, heart, foot and butterfly! Can't wait for them to arrive!!

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