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TESCO codes - can someone point me in the direction of up to date ones?

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nkf Fri 04-Jul-08 12:28:23

Just about to do a shop. How low can I go...?

poppyhead Fri 04-Jul-08 13:13:30

Some here, may be of use.

SaintGeorge Fri 04-Jul-08 13:21:58


tullytwo Fri 04-Jul-08 13:21:59

link on mumsnet

Code for £12 at the moment I think amongst others. Scroll down to the end.

tullytwo Fri 04-Jul-08 13:23:13

you beat me by one second SaintGeorge!wink

nkf Fri 04-Jul-08 13:30:11

Thakns everyone.

tullytwo Fri 04-Jul-08 13:32:44

nkf - you know the trick to using these as well dont you? - its on the mumsnet thread or else i can tell you if you dont alreay know.

nkf Sun 06-Jul-08 10:40:53

What is the trick? I don't think I do know it.

FluffyMummy123 Sun 06-Jul-08 10:47:46

Message withdrawn

thebarnes Thu 10-Jul-08 20:01:33

there's a big long list of them at here. They are valid till July 15th I think.

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