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Low fat tasty beed chilli please

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pickledonion Mon 31-Jan-05 16:26:16

Also need a low fat tasty chilli receipe please

lucy5 Mon 31-Jan-05 16:55:20

just make a vegetable one. you can always top it with a sppoon of fromage frais and grate some low fat cheese over.

lucy5 Mon 31-Jan-05 16:56:05

Soory just realised you said bean. Duurr

alux Mon 31-Jan-05 20:40:20

I make chilli in huge amounts. I cook my beans from scratch but try this improvisation:

2 tins kidney beans, washed and drained.
1 sml onion chopped
1/2 tsp thyme
1 clove garlic
salt and pepper to taste.

450-500g mince
1 med onion, chopped
1tsp thyme
a tablespoon of veg oil
salt & pepper to taste
(paprika if desired)

Place beans in a largish pot and cover with water + another inch on top.

Bring to a boil for 10 mins. Add all other ingredients EXCEPT salt. Simmer for 20 mins to let flavours develop. Add the salt right at the end of cooking otherwise the skin on the beans don't soften up nicely like I like it.

In the meantime, cook onions on low heat for 2 mins. Add mince and brown on med heat. (you may drain the meat of any fat at this point if you want to keep it low fat) Add all other ingredients.

Once beans have cooked for half an hr. Add the mince to it and let them simmer together for 'a while'.

Chilli always taste better the next day.

I normally serve mine chilli over rice.

alux Mon 31-Jan-05 20:41:47

PS If you like chilli the way I do, you will add chilli powder rather generously as well.

Chrissey14 Mon 31-Jan-05 20:53:54

sounds nice must try it

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