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spicy parsnip soup

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nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:02:31

my auntie gave me a pot of this yesterday and im not joking, i nearly died it was so gorgeous

spicy parsnip soup

pint water + 2 beef stock cubes
1 onion
3 large parsnips
curry powder
cream to swirl

she is rubbish at giving recipes away so i was twisting her arm at the time, hence the lack of details, but you get the gist

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:03:08

forgot to say, its important to 'whizz' it afterwards, its supposed to be a smooth soup

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 15:09:20

sounds like a lot of stock cubes NP. Are you sure she used two?

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:10:20

hmmm i thought so too but she said yes. she does that with all her soups. she makes them up, so you could make changes to suit

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:10:42

i keep looking at the recipe thinking ive missed something out...

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:11:18

maybe its more than a pint. im going to have to call her later

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 15:14:54

lol! I don't know. the proportion to the amount of parsnips sounds right, but you scots do take a lot more salt that us sasernachs don't you?

On a different topic, why don't you like west lothian? Linlithgow is beautiful!

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:17:09

when we were looking at moving out of edin we looked at west lothian but not as far as linlithgow, which i have heard is lovely

we looked at livingston which i wasnt keen on and east calder

we ended up coming to fife

oops didnt mean to offend

hope you like the soup! i do like my salt...

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 15:21:45

didn't offend. I'm very biased about linlithgow as I always want to move there when I visit best friend. And it's only 20 minutes out of waverley. love it!

next time I'm up for a few days, I'll cat you to see if you'd like to meet up for a coffee in jenners (BF takes very little time off when I come over and so I have to amuse myself!)

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 15:52:25

ooh i love jenners

have you been to the new harvey nichols in edinburgh?

oatcake, have you been to the dr yet?

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 15:55:41

no. am off to birmingham for a couple of days tomorrow. will be visiting a friend and her new baby on thursday (she's getting induced tonight, fingers crossed) and on friday, handing essays into uni before going out for lunch with uni girls.

there's always something to prevent me, but I'm pretty high this week which has put the issue to the back of my mind (which really should be the best time to go to the docs...)

Where's the harvey nicks? I was there in august (in the pouring rain...)and don't remember it being around then...

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 16:21:27

maybe keeping yourself busy is a good idea.

harvey nicks is in st andrew square, east end of town, round the corner from jenners. the coffee shop bit is posh, as you can imagine, bit jenners has better cakes.

look after yourself, enjoy the lunch. i didnt know you were at uni, what are you studying?

chin up and all that xxx

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 16:29:03

ok, well it has to be jenners for cakes then eh? will probably be upfor a long weekend early summer as friend is coming down here next week.

studying midwifery. extremely stressful (another cause of some depressing days!) This week's a study week which is probably why I'm so high - cos I'm not working!

how's things with you? apart from seeing your aunty!

nailpolish Mon 31-Jan-05 17:33:13

dh chucked me out with the car keys and packed me off to friends house for the weekend. after several bottles of wine at 3 am i gushed everything out. she was shocked and said i was good at hiding it. she was furious too that i hadnt told her, she has her own probs but she is coming up with lots of fantastic supportive offers of help, even just to chat (she lives a wee bit away)

came home and dh and the dd's had had a great weekend too. he is such a lovely dh

my friend and i went on a house hunting afternoon too and we had such a laugh, she is going to be my go-between for houses up there, so its pretty much decided between me and dh that we are going home

sorry to bore you

jenners for cake it is then, i look forward to it

im a nurse, btw, if you need someone to moan to about coursework or nhs working in general, shitty ward sisters etc then im your man xxx

oatcake Mon 31-Jan-05 17:59:15

OMG! excellent! sorry, but the majority of HCP are just power hungry 'female dogs'! I've worked for 16 years before starting training and have never come across such rudeness during my last 18 months!

as for packing you off to your friends, dh is a gem. truly the right decision and I'm so glad you've got things off your chest. My friends really are golden. They're there when you want them, but they do have to know what's going on. After my mum died in the summer they were calling so often that I had to tell them to stop as I hadn't at that point started grieving. Since then, they've been there for me whenever I've needed them!

Thank heavens for friends eh? got to go, just got ds back from nursery and he's being a bit demanding. Off to brum tomorrow so will catch up on thursday morning?

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