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Vegie lasagne

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Tania2 Sat 29-Jan-05 11:09:25

Does anyone have any great ways of making this DH's best friend is vegie and is comming for diner tomorrow night. I have made it lots b4 but it has been years and i dont want BF to think that the only thing that i can cook is Buritos (everytime he just happens to pop in thats what we are having) not so much anymore thou. I really am a great cook......really
Thanks girls i hope that someone can help me.

suzywong Sat 29-Jan-05 11:15:27

I'd go with spinach and ricotta well flavoured with nutmeg and enriched with a couple of egg yolks layered with a chunkey tomato sauce with grated parmesan and cheddar and pine nuts on top rather than making a sauce out of vegetables

It's really easy if you use frozen chopped spinach and bind it with a roux

LIZS Sat 29-Jan-05 11:18:37

Or you could make a basic ratatouille and layer that with lasagne pasta and a white sauce - top with grated cheese.

suzywong Sat 29-Jan-05 11:20:02

yes that's a good one too
tinned ratatouille is really very good if you are in a hurry but use two tind

Tania2 Sat 29-Jan-05 11:38:48

Suzy that sounds delish to me but DH is very boring and wont eat ricotta.

tamum Sat 29-Jan-05 11:44:40

I used to make the veggie version of the meat sauce by combining tinned tomatoes and red kidney beans (mushed up a bit) with red wine and a bit of cinnamon. I know it sounds dodgy (and I am v. embarrassed to post it given how fab suzywong's sounds) but it does taste pretty good.

Casmie Sat 29-Jan-05 12:02:59

Here's my Vegetarian Lasagne recipe - to make it truly veggie swap the chicken stock for vegetable stock (obviously!)

Very popular in our house and we actually prefer it to "normal" lasagne.

suzywong Sat 29-Jan-05 22:19:43

He won't know it's ricotta, just tell him it's cheese sauce until he's licking the dish clean

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