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MintyandTink Sun 22-Jun-08 22:08:54

Having been to a few birthday parties since my little one was born I am quite shocked at the shit quality of the food being served at bday parties.

Shitty cocktail sausages- yuk, rancid carrot sticks, hard cheese just to provide some examples.

The thing that gets me is not the kind of food but the bloody quality... CRAPITTY CRAPITTY CRAP!

Rant over.

cat64 Sat 28-Jun-08 21:14:02

Message withdrawn

okeydokeygirl Sat 28-Jun-08 10:49:02

In what world is cheese, carrots and sausages crap food. Cheese puffs, french fancies, turkey drummers and sweets I can understand (although all great party food in my opinion- well maybe not the turkey drummers). Get real MintyandTink.

kangaroo Fri 27-Jun-08 16:32:54

MintyandTink, I don't like party food either. You don't have to get everything luminous yellow and horrible colours to make children happy. We had a party, they all ate the non-luminous food and had great fun.

I feed the boys a really BIG breakfast, a HUGE mid morning snack AND an ENORMOUS lunch really late just before the party!!!! They still eat crap!

I did take them to a party a few months ago and there was nothing for them to eat because it was all sandwhiches (ham & cheese), tomatoes, grapes, carrot sticks. He had to eat bread stick and cake all afternoon!

kiddiz Wed 25-Jun-08 08:40:40

My ds1 had a cleft palate which wasn't corrected until he was 18 months and so early feeding and weaning was difficult and resulted in ds having a very restricted diet. Basically he would eat anything so long as it was pasta! He literally lived on the stuff on it's own, no sauces etc. just plain pasta. Add in a neurotic mother who got extremely stressed by the whole thing and there's a recipe for disaster!
He is now 20 and eats just about anything so despite his fussy start which it could be said he had good reason for (eating with no roof to your mouth can't be a pleasant experience) he is a good example that they can grow out of it. I'm sure my stressing about it made him worse it's just easier said than done not to worry when your underweight ds has eaten nothing but a bit of pasta all day.

hatwoman Tue 24-Jun-08 23:29:56

hat shakes off various confusions:

what is a grandparent's brother-in-law? no, I see, it's a come cammelia gets to go to her doctor's BIL's party? does Cammelia really expect us to keep track of all that .....her doctor's brother-in-law's best friend's wife...did the doctor go to the party too? ahhhh (light dawns....) cammelia's BIL is a GP. gotcha.

Cammelia Tue 24-Jun-08 23:03:12

Oh I went to my GP BIL's party last week where his best friend's wife (both GP's - don;t these medic types stick together?) chatted up my DH shock

She was p as a fart of course, champagne had been consumed by the bucketload (the party boy was 50 so why not)

But she was wearing a v short dress - which is ok but she is a mother of 4 not-young children and it was rather amusing.

But then my dh is rather dishy

There were no shitty sausages though

hatwoman Tue 24-Jun-08 22:20:36

now I think of it I can beat you! I went to a party less than a year ago where a friend snogged an old university friend of hers. They're still going strong. it wasn't innapropriate but it was snogging

PeachyWontLieToYou Tue 24-Jun-08 22:10:23

last party i went to I was plied with vodka by -evil- -gits- friends all night, and althugh seeming ok, passed out as soon as i got outside and dh had to carry me to the hotel

now if my 4 yr old gets invited to that party i will worry...

and i cam never get the strike through to work, but you get the jist

motherinferior Tue 24-Jun-08 21:57:48

I have a horrible feeling the last party I went to like that was about 8 years ago, it has to be said. My friend snogged an --ex-shag-- aquaintance of mine, publically, and DP's brother asked out another friend of mine and she met her current husband on that date.

I personally was a bit preoccupied having just discovered I was up the duff.

hatwoman Tue 24-Jun-08 21:50:04

you go to all the best parties MI envy. I can't remember the last time I went to a party where there was snogging of note.

motherinferior Tue 24-Jun-08 21:26:05

My kids and their mates appear to like, you know, parties. They are not madly bothered about the food. They want crisps, and to dash around madly, and crisps, and to do Pass the Parcel, and crisps, and generally to have a good time. With masses of their mates.

And I don't in any case want to throw down a whopping middle-class posherama gauntlet to their mates' parents. I'm quite happy for them to stuff themselves on crisps and a few other non-nutritious items of party food. It's a party.

I don't, come to that, go to parties for healthy living either. My idea of a good party is one where someone snogs someone else slightly inappropriate, and quite a few people possibly including me drink too much.

PeachyWontLieToYou Tue 24-Jun-08 18:01:21

ah pb
ime of that age ( have boys aged 7 and 8( anything thry can dop that gets a rise they love

if he realises it pushes your buttons....

otoh ex of mine never ate red food (note the ex...), so no tomatoes or anything. didn't kill him, he just ate differently.

I would imagine havng a proper hating food refuser is much like having a kid with dairy or gluten free diets (I have both)- a right pita at first but you get used adapt and before long you're i new equally balanced routine

prettybird Tue 24-Jun-08 16:57:45


....we keep on thinking "it's just a phase" wink

..... just a whole sequence of them, all running togeether! grin

MilaMae Tue 24-Jun-08 16:41:00

Do I want to read it????? grin grin grin

Is it the arsey one,was hoping when the 4 year old testosterone surge thing passes I'd be looking forward to to a few years of calm.

prettybird Tue 24-Jun-08 16:31:26

But ds is nearly 8 hmm (See other thread re 7 year old boys! grin)

He does like tasting wine though! grin Usually descrbies it as "grape-y" although recently has come out with "like ice-cream" (=vanilla) and "spicy". So we are doing waht we can to encourage a good palate! wink

MilaMae Tue 24-Jun-08 16:24:59

Totally agree Peachy 2 of mine are non identical twins always been fed exactly the same things,very varied diet. Twin 1 has from day 1 eaten absolutely anything,twin 2 even filtered babyrice. He hates anything too sweet or salty and dislikes trying new foods.I'm convinced he has supertastebuds.

My only rule is he has to try things but I make no fuss if he doesn't eat it and he doesn't get anything else,so used to go to bed hungry most nights. We all eat together so have basically done everything by the book. I'm really not bothered about it as he eats a varied healthy diet,loves fruit,pulses,dairy,whole grains etc. He's just who he is and doesn't like highly flavoured foods. Bit of a pita as twin 1,dd,dp and myself are very adventurous eaters but why should he have to be the same?

Prettybird he's nearly 5 now and have noticed a massive improvement. Tries things without being prompted,finishes his tea most nights and is now eating things he didn't used to so hang in there smile

PeachyWontLieToYou Tue 24-Jun-08 16:08:32

it will pb, apparently i only ate lamb casserole and choccy pud for years, will eat pretty much anything now

sometimes i think its an alternative controlm technique to tantrums

prettybird Tue 24-Jun-08 16:01:17

LOL at the wax copies of food to be brought out in rotation.

Still hmm at the "children are only fussy because parents say "he/she wont eat that". If only it were that simple. Ds gets made to eat (or at least) taste whatever we have and doens't get something else to fill up on. But I am hopeful that his fussiness will pass! grin .... althugh he's been like this for c4 years now. hmm

PeachyWontLieToYou Tue 24-Jun-08 15:47:30

'I'm sorry but children are only fussy because parents say "he/she wont eat that".'

ha ha ha ha ha

Thatb is so very wrong!

variety helps of course, and good food from an early age (and I'm a riverford box girl myself) but kids differ just like adults do and some have extra good reasons to refuse foods like SN.

As for the tastebuds being stronger in kids- er yes, you mean supertasters. They're associated with being highly sensitive to foods like chilli, garlic etc and quite often are food refusers.

Now, if you let your average NT kid have their fusses, make sure they eat as much variety as you can get into them and dont make a deal of it the chances are it will pass quickly. Sit there crowing over X Y and Z being bad foods and nasty foods and gawd only knows what complexes you will give thwm.

Kids aren't a different species, they're little adults. Adults have dislikes too.

PeachyWontLieToYou Tue 24-Jun-08 15:42:21

Waitrose is required???? [shocl]

Damn I had better move, i shall tell my landlady that contract must foreclose as Ocado don't deliver here


Obviously my parties are the most exciting as the kids are always far too hyped up to eat anything anyway, should really save myself cash and mould from wax to bring out on rota each few months to be ignored!

melrose Tue 24-Jun-08 15:04:10

I love the way that people seem to think that if has a waitrose label on it is somehow better for you!

MilaMae Tue 24-Jun-08 14:59:36

Bacon my kids are some of the best eaters I know -dd's fav foods are olives,asparagas wrapped in palma ham etc. We eat very healthily, all together and adult food.

Unfortunately I can't stretch to foods such as olives,asparagas etc when catering for a load of 3 olds. Especially when taking into account half of it will get left.

Also she actually didn't want foods such as that at her party,she wanted "fairy food" she's 3. So fairy food is what she got and she loved every mouthful as she loves all food. She still talks endlessly about her mushroom cake I made-preens!!!!!

I do stick to low numbers but even so do like to invite the kids back who invite us. Even sticking to those numbers I just can't justify spending huge amounts of money I haven't got on a party that lasts for only 2 hours. So what am I supposed to do- cut the numbers down even more and mortify the dc just for the sake of an organic spread of titbits that would only impress 1 or 2 parents(actually none of my dc's friends mums thankfully)and not the kids themselves.

Also you are mistaken about value food as I'm an endless lable checker. When buying the mini sausage rolls I compared Sainsbury's value frozen ones with the equivilent high end of the range bag. Guess which had less crap and additives in- that would be the value bag at half the price!!!!!!!!

Iklboo Tue 24-Jun-08 14:30:54

There's a difference between being a 'fussy eater' and plain not liking it. I wouldn't eat hummus if you paid me. I don't like it. I'm not a fussy eater.
DS is given lots of healthy food, gets his 5 a day every day.
If he goes to a party and there's sausages on sticks, party rings & cheesy wotsits he can have them because I know he will not explode all over the carpet with a once-in-a-blue-moon treat.
His verdict on olives 'these are nasty mummy'

annoyingdevil Tue 24-Jun-08 14:29:03

Yes, Kew they're rather partial to a nice portion of fish and chips too. In batter mind, none of this poncy stuff with scales and the 'ead still on

melrose Tue 24-Jun-08 14:27:35

Sorry KewCumber obviously didn't have to be done on the barbecue - just meant I could delegate the cooking to DH!!!

Actually we had a bonfire party once and did BBQ sausages, far easier than making amess of the kitchen!!

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