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Can someone please send me the meal planner?

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henrys7thwife Sun 22-Jun-08 13:30:19


henrys7thwife Sun 22-Jun-08 19:07:57

plan to shamelessly bump until I have it!!

davidtennantsmistress Sun 22-Jun-08 19:08:47

ooh and me please.


MarkStretch Sun 22-Jun-08 19:09:24

Oh and me!

Turniphead1 Sun 22-Jun-08 19:11:16

oh and me if the person who has it won't get cross

many thanks

GreatAuntieWurly Sun 22-Jun-08 19:17:54

have sent them

tootiredtothink Sun 22-Jun-08 19:18:11

Me too please????????

I need all the help i can get at the momentsad

mail4 l white @ yahoo . co . uk

many, many thanks xxx

snice Sun 22-Jun-08 19:19:37

Could one of you lot send it to me please-I've been trying to get it for ages:

dgs at talktalk dot net


GreatAuntieWurly Sun 22-Jun-08 19:20:22

sent too.

GreatAuntieWurly Sun 22-Jun-08 19:22:20

think thats everyone sent to.

Littlefish Sun 22-Jun-08 19:29:15

Oh, me too please GreatAuntiWurley.

I've just done an on-line order and frightened myself with the cost!

littlefishyone at hotmail dot co dot uk

Thank you so much. smile

bodiddly Sun 22-Jun-08 19:31:56

can I be cheeky and jump on the band wagon as well ...

pinkspottywellies Sun 22-Jun-08 19:36:42

What is this planner of which you speak? I might want it too!!

SquiffyHock Sun 22-Jun-08 19:37:58

Please explain.... then link!

MarkStretch Sun 22-Jun-08 19:39:27

Oh it's good. I am excited. DH thinks I am a freak.

ChirpyGirl Sun 22-Jun-08 19:51:48

rowieb @

pretty please? [hopeful]


Love2bake Sun 22-Jun-08 20:34:10

What is this meal planner?

bodiddly Sun 22-Jun-08 20:37:14

hi, if greatauntiewurly has disappeared or had enough sending them out to people .. would somebody else be so kind as to forward me a copy to ..... thanks

GreatAuntieWurly Sun 22-Jun-08 20:59:21

anyone else have just sent the last couple

JudgeNutmeg Sun 22-Jun-08 21:02:00

tikigolflinks @ hotmail dot com

I'd be interested to have a look.

pinkspottywellies Sun 22-Jun-08 21:07:35

her_indoors5 @ please!

billiejo Sun 22-Jun-08 21:16:35

ooh yes please but only if you've time.
tracey underscore wilmot at hotmail dot com

thanks very much

Botbot Sun 22-Jun-08 21:17:37

me please!


Botbot Sun 22-Jun-08 21:18:36

god I've just given you the wrong email address.


ta again.

GreatAuntieWurly Sun 22-Jun-08 21:19:17


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