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Chicken carcass advice please

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Gem13 Thu 27-Jan-05 16:54:57

Cooked a roast for Sunday lunch, bought the chicken from our good butchers on Sat.

Can I use it tonight to make chicken stock or have I left it too long?

Titania Thu 27-Jan-05 16:55:44

i wouldnt use it. sorry.

mummytummy Thu 27-Jan-05 16:56:38

I wouldn't either. I generally roast chicken in a slow cooker, and then straight after taking out the meat I need, I add the water and veg and let it carry on cooking to make up stock.

twiglett Thu 27-Jan-05 16:57:04

too long I would say too

although I have used a carcass 3 days later .. I think it was pushing it then

Gem13 Thu 27-Jan-05 16:57:38

Thanks. Must be more organised...

paolosgirl Thu 27-Jan-05 16:57:44

No - 48 hours is the longest you can keep chicken I think.

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