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Ideas for Vegetarian Roast for one!

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lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 14:14:19

We always go to MILs for a roast on Sunday and as it's her birthday we're cooking this week. I've always felt really sorry for FIL as, as a vegetarian, he always ends up with quorn sausages or something equally as vile, and he's starting to pick at the meat (he's a vegetarian for health reasons.)

Anyone got some ideas for a good meat-substitute for him??

charliecat Thu 27-Jan-05 14:15:32

I like Aunt Bessies Vege toad in the hole myself x2

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 14:16:05

As in you eat two?

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 14:16:12

kernowcat Thu 27-Jan-05 14:16:30

Homemade cashew nut wellinton! My christmas special!!

charliecat Thu 27-Jan-05 14:16:45


charliecat Thu 27-Jan-05 14:17:27

cant stand the nutty stuff....just because I dont eat meat doesnt mean to say I want to have nuts in my roast!

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 14:18:01

ooh might give that a go charliecat

kernowcat - how do you cook that?

lucy5 Thu 27-Jan-05 14:21:40

Marks do a lovely nut roast at xmas dont know if they do it all year round. You can get readymix nutloaf in most supermarkets. Thers also a lovely range called cauldron which do marinated tofu which you could tart up with any sauce. Or if your father in law likes traditional food, quorn chicken and mushroom pies or linda mcartney mince pies are lovely. Sorry these arent recipes just some quick and easy thoughts.

kernowcat Thu 27-Jan-05 14:24:32

Frozen puff pastry
packet unsalted nuts
equal amount of fresh breadcrumbs
grated carrot
softened onion
1 egg
enough veg stock to stick it all together
I also add anything else I fancy (sometimes cubed cheese?)
for the mushroom pate
mushrooms cooked in butter, garlic, olive oil and herbs, Stir in some cream cheese to thicken to a spread.
Roll out pastry, spread with mushroom pate, put nut mix down the middle, bring to sides of pastry together how ever you feel like?
It really is delish and even my Dad a Very big meat eater loves it!!
Or you could just buy something!!!???? and make a sauce to go with it??

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 14:27:00

That sounds lovely!

How long do you cook it for, and at what temperature?

I think he'll love that!

kernowcat Thu 27-Jan-05 14:29:36

What ever temp you've already got oven on until golden! about 20-30 mins.
Good luck! must go to post office and return some more Christmas gifts to catalogue!!!
Back soon!

Beetroot Thu 27-Jan-05 14:59:57

Message withdrawn

candycane Thu 27-Jan-05 15:08:07

Just for one a huge stuffed mushroom is yummy.

puddle Thu 27-Jan-05 15:15:08

beetroot - recipe pls?????

lunavix Thu 27-Jan-05 15:15:49

Yeah thanks guys keep the recipes coming Im sure fil will thank you for it

Beetroot Thu 27-Jan-05 15:22:09

Message withdrawn

beansprout Thu 27-Jan-05 15:32:31

Quorn make a veggie roast. It's a bit chicken-like (like the fillets and pieces they make) but works really well with roast trimmings. It's just a solid bit of quorn, but really v nice... yum

weightwatchingwaterwitch Thu 27-Jan-05 18:23:29

Here's a recipe for a vegetarian crown, I made it for Christmas once and it was fab. It's from a Red magazine Christmas supplement, ages ago.

"While you can use regular butter beans for this recipe, Tormesina Judion butter beans (£5.99, Sainsbury's) are exceptionally rich and creamy. Although they do need to be soaked overnight and simmered for 2 hours, it's definitely worth the effort. But if you really haven't the time, use tinned beans. I also love Fruttibosca bottled baby artichoke hearts (£4.90, Sainsbury's) Serves 6.

500g raw, small beetroot
oil, for greasing
200g goat's Cheddar (or cow's Cheddar), grated
75g pine nuts
2 cloves garlic, finely sliced
olive oil, for drizzling
250g presoaked and cooked Tormesina Judion butter beans
1 x 280g jar baby artichoke hearts
100g creamy soft goat's cheese
1 egg
sea salt and freshly ground chopped chives, to garnish

for the walnut chutney: 4 red onions, olive oil, for drizzling,
75g brown sugar, 400g cherry tomatoes, 1 cooking apple
390g pickled walnuts, drained and roughly chopped

Preheat the oven to 190°CI 375°F/gas mark 5. Place the beetroot in a saucepan, cover with water and simmer for 45 minutes. Drain, allow to cool a little and peel by squeezing gently - the skins will slip off. Place to one side. While the beetroot is cooking, grease a 24-cm non-stick savarin tin. Sprinkle half the Cheddar into the tin. In a small pan, cook the pine nuts and garlic over a low heat in a drizzle of olive oil until golden. Combine the mixture with the butter beans, artichoke hearts, soft goat's cheese, remaining Cheddar, egg and salt and pepper. Spoon into the tin and even the surface. Drizzle with a little more olive oil and bake in the oven for 30 minutes, until golden. Remove from the oven and carefully invert on to an ovenproof dish. Pile the cooked beetroot in the middle, drizzle with a little more oil and season. Return to the oven for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, make the walnut chutney. Slice the red onions and cook with the sugar and a little olive oil for 15 minutes over a low heat. The onions will become soft and rich in texture. Halve the tomatoes, peel and chop the apple and add to the onion mixture with the walnuts. Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved and the apple softened. Carefully remove the crown from the oven, garnish with the chopped chives and serve with the walnut chutney while still warm."

Quite a faff but it really was lovely.

lunavix Mon 21-Feb-05 17:56:48

Just wanted to say thanks kernowcat for the recipe!
It's the only one we've tried off here so far, but everyone LOVED it, and we're having it again tonight!

lilibet Mon 28-Feb-05 11:10:16

what else did you put in it?

I'm fancying it for Sunday.

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