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Lustre Dust and Cake Decorating

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gscrym Wed 26-Jan-05 09:47:28

Can anyone tell me how to use Lustre dust on a wedding cake. Me and my friend had a bash at decorating a practice cake for her wedding but mad such a pigs ear of it. I brushed it on but it just made the cake look grubby.

Also anyone know where I can get a plain white sponge cake with no switly bits on it. I've tried Asda, M&S, Tesco etc but there all a bit swirl tastic. I'm in central Scotland so anyone with cakey skills, quote me a price and I might be interested.

Any other cake decorating advice welcomed.

anorak Wed 26-Jan-05 09:49:49

Lustre dust should be used sparingly as an accent or it will look grubby.

I use it on sugarpaste roses. I just brush a little onto the edges of the petals to give them a sheen. Use a very small brush and a tiny amount of dust.

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