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Pancakes, fruit, yoghourt and milk - what is she missing out on?

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Carla Wed 26-Jan-05 06:50:50

DD1 - the fussiest eater, goes through phases, and this is the current one. Quite apart from me hating this particular one as it involves standing over the hob for 31/4 of an hour while I run a relay - she eats them, I cook them, I was wondering what food groups she's missing out on on this particular one. Iron is the first one that springs to mind, but can anyone enlighten be on what else I should try and make up for?


FairyMum Wed 26-Jan-05 07:03:40


NotQuiteCockney Wed 26-Jan-05 07:05:53

If you can get some dried fruit down her (apricots?) she should be ok for iron.

This isn't a disastrous diet, particularly if she'll eat a range of fruit ... I think you need something from dark-green leafy veg, but if I remember rightly, you can synthesize it from orange root veg, so some sweet potato or carrot would help if you can't get spinach/cale/cabbage into her.

FineFigureFio Wed 26-Jan-05 07:05:58

from my little knowledge of what foods to eat. i would imagine she gets quite alot of iron from milk.

Just let her have her fad and give her a multi-vitamin. After having a child who was malnurished and having to see a dietician, i have stressed far less about what they are and arent eating

NotQuiteCockney Wed 26-Jan-05 07:06:30

Yogurt has protein. And pancakes (at least American ones) have eggs.

Carla Wed 26-Jan-05 07:50:23

Thanks everyone. Don't hold out much hope for the green leafy veg but she has been known to eat carrot so I'll resurrect that one. She does eat her little bag of Boots Multivitamin gummy bears that I put in her lunch box. And her pancakes have two eggs in them (wonder if she'd eat them if she knew!)

NQC - It's a relief to hear to say it's not a complete disaster - I really mean that. Just wish she'd try something new on the odd occasion. Fingers crossed.

skerriesmum Wed 26-Jan-05 07:57:06

You could add some finely grated carrot to the pancake batter, and/or decorate with raisins for a little extra fibre & vitamins.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 26-Jan-05 10:00:42

I don't think I've met any adults who lived on pancakes, yogurt, milk and fruit. So I'm sure it'll change.

(Any chance of her eating french toast? Much easier to make, and easier to make into a whole-wheat thing ... soak bread in a mix of egg and milk, and fry. Serve with ketchup, maple syrup, fruit, whatever.)

weightwatchingwaterwitch Wed 26-Jan-05 10:09:54

Can you sneakily get an egg into the pancakes somehow and then make sure she has vit c (fruit) with it? That would sort out iron. Oh, just saw you're doing that! I don't think it's that disastrous either.

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