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Help me feed my intolerant son, please!! From CP3

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cp3 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:38:47

Hiya, ive been away a while but returned as i know this is the best place for advice. My son(16months)cannot eat wheat, gluten or dairy products. He sees a pead docter evey six weeks and each time something else gets eleminated from his diet. The last time it was Soya, so now he is on rice milk.

Today i took him to a homeopath hoping they would say the docters know nothing, unfortuanley his alergies were confirmed plus he also has to avoid bananas(his favourite),citrus fruits, dried fuits because of the sugars, vinegar and anything with caffine in and a few E no's.

Im at my wits end, i find it difficult enough to feed him as it is.

Can anyone PLEASE send me some reciepes as i need some varation in his diet.

Also is Tomato citrus? As this is big in his diet with the sauces i make.

Does anyone know of a spread that doesnt contain citrus acids or soya (the dairy free, gluten free ones do)

Sorry this is long but i know you wise old musnetters out there can help me.


jampots Mon 24-Jan-05 23:40:47

gosh cp3 - that is a very restrictive diet. Poor ds and poor you for having to try find different yummy foods for him

jampots Mon 24-Jan-05 23:42:01

Presumably he can eat vegetables (i know, boring), beans, fish, meat etc?

lou33 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:44:43

is this any help? What about Pure? Does that have cu=itrus acids in it?

cp3 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:45:04

Yes i have to up his oily fish intake, veg he can eat but he really only like it mashed in with his meals. I do give it to him finger food but it usually ends up on the floor.

His main diet is meat and veg, gluten fre pasta and potatoes. Hes healthy in every way, gaining wieght fantastically but he eats the same stuff all the time.

And now breakfast with no Bananas, hes gonna through a right paddy in the morning

cp3 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:47:18

Lou your a star as usual. Im printing it off and will take to bed to read. Pure has soya in it unfortuantley!!

lou33 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:47:34

Pure spreads

lou33 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:47:53

no cp3 you can get a soya free one

cp3 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:55:21

Ahh, thank Lou, he can have the yellow one. That site is fab. Thankyou so much im going to be on it all night researching reciepes now. Good job Rich is on a night shift

lou33 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:56:42

ds2 used to be dairy soya and wheat free as well, so i know a bit. Do you see a dietician?

lou33 Mon 24-Jan-05 23:59:52

This site puts tomatoes in the same category as grapefruits and oranges.

lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 00:03:31

but elsewhere it lists citrus fruits and tomato isnt in there.

cp3 Tue 25-Jan-05 00:04:28

Yes he does but youve been more help in the past 15mins then she has in the past year. LOL

lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 00:07:39

i have a good dietician

can he not have neocate advance or nutramigen to drink? Ds2's dietician said the rice milk wasn't enough for him nutritionally, i think. He definitely had neocate advance at an older age than your ds (cant believe he is 16m now btw)

lou33 Tue 25-Jan-05 00:08:46

and what about corn pasta and breads?

we used to get them on prescription

cp3 Tue 25-Jan-05 13:04:42

Thanx lou, he doesnt like Nutramagin. Come on now would you drink it!!!!

Ive got corn pasta and all that stuff. Today i got some Tahini and some houmous which he gagged on. I got rice bread too as the other free from stuff appears to have soya flakes in and yeast.

He had mackeral for luch which he liked. Ive decided to keep giving him Tomatos as i will cut out all the other citric acids.

Got some pure sunflower marge too, so we are doing quite well today.

Thanks Mumsnet

galaxy Tue 25-Jan-05 13:07:12

Hello cP3- where have you been for the past few months?

cp3 Tue 25-Jan-05 13:12:46

Working and taking a break from Mn. Was getting too addicted. You all well?

Twiglett Tue 25-Jan-05 13:18:49

You need to speak to Barbara at Barbara's Kitchen .. she's a guru

Re: the wheat / gluten /dairy free ... she has loads of recipes

you can do any baking you want with gluten-free flours but you NEED Xanthan gum ( a tsp in each thing you bake) to act as a stabiliser and stop it crumbling apart ...

Tomato is NOT a citrus as far as I am aware

Corn pasta is OK .. but a different way to cook it

I am personally nervous of homeopath's ruling out foods .. I have found there are a number of 'intolerance tests' in use which tend to be bunkum and rule out stuff on a general most people have problems with this so it can't hurt

All of Lloyd Grossman's pasta sauces are gluten free BTW


will post more in a bit

cp3 Wed 26-Jan-05 13:58:54

Twig, i did try Barbaras kitchen last year when he was first diagnosed with the coeliacs and dairy but they never got back to me. Whats the best way to conctact them or should i just download some reciepes off her site

Twiglett Wed 26-Jan-05 19:41:01

Phone up

I believe its a one-woman show (or virtually) so you may have just been unlucky when you phoned

just phone again ... at the very lest you can order the xanthan gum (it really does make a change to baking)


cp3 Thu 27-Jan-05 08:45:53

ive never done actual proper baking from scratch. Done a few of those ready mixed buns for eldest daughter.I am a bad mother!!!!!

twiglett Thu 27-Jan-05 15:13:44

well, as soon as you get a gluten intolerance in the family you have to (or spend an absolute fortune)

you could start with muffins .. really easy to make and never-fail (just replace the flour with gluten-free flour, add a teaspoon of xanthan gum to dry ingredients and about 20ml more milk) and they're fabulous

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